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More cash-only doctors offering services to self-pay patients

The Self-Pay Patient

Cash-only doctors are predicted to grow in the coming years, which will provide self-pay patients with more options and more savings when it comes to paying for their healthcare needs. Whether uninsured or with a high-deductible health insurance plan, these doctors have managed to cut the cost of providing care simply by opting out of insurance contracts.

Dr. Will Schupp of Madison, Wisconsin is typical of these types of medical practices. He operates what is known as a direct primary care practice, meaning that his patients pay him a modest monthly fee in exchange for pretty much unlimited access to primary care. Here’s how he describes his practice on his web site:

My patients pay a subscription fee which covers unlimited direct access. I am available to my patients by phone or secure messaging 24/7. Patients can schedule online any time with no co-pay. I use technology to lower…

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