JOB: Your City, USA — Pediatric Concierge Medicine and Family Care


Name of Contact Person: Brian Thornburg, DO

Employment Contact Info. (Tel, Address, Email, Fax, Etc.): Innovative Pediatrics, LLC
6017 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 148
Naples, FL 34119
Tel. (239) 348-3563
Fax. (239) 348-7391

Job Title: Concierge Pediatric Physician
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Your City, USA
Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description: Innovative Pediatrics, LLC (“InPeds”) is a consulting and licensing firm that enables physicians to practice Better Medicine, Better Business & Better Outcomes®! We cater to pediatricians around the country by assisting them in the creation of concierge medical practices.

Our goal is to help pediatricians develop a unique practice style that allows them to nurture the whole child so that they may be healthy, happy and well-adjusted individuals. Imagine practicing “the art and science of medicine” for the benefit of your patients, their family, your family and everyone’s community. With An Old Fashioned Approach to Modern Medicine®, physicians dedicate themselves to bringing back the sense of service, family and commitment that was once standard.

InPeds provides its licensees the following:

A website; logos; slogan; customized membership tracking software template; customized revenue managerial software template; pediatric well child EHR templates; lectures on nutrition, environmental toxins, parenting and vaccines; print package, i.e. envelopes, letterhead, magnets, prescription pad, etc; welcome folder and materials for new patients; social media, i.e. Facebook  – setup and management; e-newsletters development and management; blog development and management; forms for office and patients; medical office supply list and management needs list; and a preferred vendor list that provides discount pricing for concierge physicians, ranging from malpractice, vaccine purchasing, coding support, online medical library database.

Why recreate what has already been proven to work especially when the licensee fee is less than it would cost you to set up your marketing and support materials.


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