Dr. Jeffrey Gorodetsky, Family Physician in FL asks … ‘Are you a smart health care consumer?’

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Family Health Matters: Are you a smart health care consumer?

By JSGMedicalPractice

Dr. Jeffrey Gorodetsky, Stuart Family Physician

Dr. Jeffrey Gorodetsky, Stuart Family Physician

STUART, FL — March 1, 2014 — From the pages of Consumer Reports to the latest Yelp reviews, Americans are savvy shoppers. Many of us comparison shop and coupon clip until we get the very best deal on a product or service. However, one area where many Americans fail to perform optimal research relates to a critical issue affecting all of us: health care. By joining with the American Institute for Preventative Medicine in observing National Wise Health Care Consumer Month, you become an important partner in your own health.

The cost of healthcare continues to rise, and more employers and employees are struggling to meet expenses. While billions of dollars are lost every year through unwise health care spending, we can reverse this trend by working together. National Wise Health Care Consumer Month encourages Americans to explore and understand their options based on the premise that if everyone spent as much time thinking about their health care choices as they did shopping for their next car, we’d see a significant reduction in unnecessary costs. Become an educated health care consumer by taking time to choose the right health care provider, adequately preparing for appointments, asking questions, and maintaining awareness of recommendations regarding preventative screenings.

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Being a wise consumer also means making better choices in our own day-to-day lives. For many people, the first step is scheduling a visit with your family physician. At JSG Medical Practice, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to live a healthier life. An effective way to begin making immediate change is by incorporating exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle. I have seen many patients reach their wellness goals through FirstLine Therapy, a lifestyle program which incorporates the principles of The Mediterranean diet.

At JSG Medical Practice, we have also seen great success with leading nutritional company Wellness International Network’s line of natural, non-toxic and effective weight loss and nutritional supplements. While thousands of supplements full of misleading claims and potentially dangerous ingredients saturate the market, we stand behind WIN’s high quality products which enhance both physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

The American Institute for Preventative Medicine has provided a handy toolkit to encourage employers to promote the importance of medical self-care to their employees. You can help spread the news by sharing this message within your workplace, community and network of family and friends.

Dr. Jeffrey Gorodetsky, Family Physician, and the staff of JSG Medical Practice operate a Hybrid Practice with the choice of Concierge Medical Care or Traditional Medical Care. JSG Medical Practice is located in Stuart. For more information on this topic and other family health & medical issues, visit http://www.jsgmedical.com or call 772 223-4504.

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