Medicine takes a cue from retail with more customer focus

By Clark Howard
Entrepreneurs are leading medicine down a new path that will see doctors connecting with customers much like a retailer would.

Massage Envy chain founder John Leonesio is at it again, according to The Arizona Republic. The serial entrepreneur wasn’t happy with just taking massage from a snooty, snobby thing and democratizing it for everybody. Now he wants to do the same for chiropractic!

Enter his latest creation: The Joint…The Chiropractic Place. The Joint has agreements to open in 17 states and the plan is to have 1,000 Joint franchises open over the next 10 years.

Leonesio wants to run a very low cost operation that is cash only, no insurance accepted. Locations will have long hours like a retailer. And there are no appointments, you walk in and get seen, very similar to those haircut chain operations.

The Joint will have a $49/month membership that offers four monthly adjustments. If you don’t want to commit, you can walk in off the street and pay $19 for an exam and adjustment. The idea is to get you in the door and hopefully build customer loyalty.

Some folks in the health care field are opposed to franchising any branch of medical care. But we have an era coming with more innovation in health care delivery in our country than we’ve had in a generation. The way health care is delivered will radically change and the focus will be on you, the customer.

If you’re a doctor of any kind, look at the business model of a place like Massage Envy or The Joint. It’s that idea of really connecting with your customer and meeting them where they want to be met.

I think this guy Leonesio is really onto something — again.


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