NORTH CAROLINA: Membership patients will see Liederbach, MD … not a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

By Ken Little

direct care journalMARCH 28, 2014 — A Wilmington doctor is taking a unique approach to practicing medicine.
Steve Liederbach, a board-certified internal medicine specialist, opened Wilmington Adult Medicine in early March.

Wilmington Adult Medicine, 1906 Meeting Court across from the Wilmington Athletic Club, offers a membership model of medicine for patients who want greater availability from their doctor, in addition to a traditional model, according to a news release.

Membership medicine, sometimes referred to as concierge medicine, is a program offered by a private doctor that features direct communication with the physician, in addition to other enhanced services.

Patients pay an annual membership fee to receive longer appointment times, same-day appointments and personal communication via the doctor’s email, cell phone and text messaging.

“More time with your physician allows the doctor to examine your lifestyle, get to know you as a person, schedule customized diagnostic tests, extensively review medical history, and in turn, create a customized preventative plan that promotes better overall health and vitality,” Liederbach said.

“Membership medicine allows the doctor-patient relationship to return to what it used to be – one doctor treating the overall well-being of a patient, not just the symptoms,” he said.

By keeping the practice small through the membership option, partnerships can be developed with each patient, Liederbach said.

Membership patients will see Liederbach, not a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Insurance companies are billed and copays collected as they would be with any other doctor, officials said.


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