SPORTS: AAG Health & Wellness of Miami, FL Sponsors Sunbelt Senior Golf Tour

AAGApril 07, 2014 — AAG Health & Wellness, the leader in integrative wellness, will be sponsoring the Sunbelt Senior Golf Tour for the first time ever. The premier golfing event, which has been running since 1996, has been the No.1 cross-country tour for players participating in the Champions Tour. This year, the tour stops at TPC Eagle Trace April 7-10 in Coral Springs.

On Monday, April 7, AAG Health will be offering free wellness evaluations to both players and spectators. Wellness advisors will be on hand to educate attendees about AAG’s services including platelet-rich plasma therapy, which has been used by star golfers like Tiger Woods to recover faster from injuries.

PRP therapy is just one of the new services that the wellness leader has recently launched. Over the past few months, AAG Health has also added a line of aesthetics treatments that includes Botox and dermal fillers in order to strengthen its integrative approach.

“We’re incredibly happy to be a part of this event,” says AAG Health Senior Medical Director Christopher Senger. “This is the first time we get to be part of the tournament, and we believe the charity they sponsor lines up with what our company is about: bringing optimal health to everyone — regardless of age.”

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The tournament brings together top senior golfers to raise money for the World Institute of Pain Foundation, an organization dedicated to education and research in pain medicine. For more information about the golf tournament or about AAG Health, call 1-800-325-1325.

About AAG Health & Wellness

AAG Health & Wellness is the leading nationwide provider of age management and anti-aging medical services with a focus on integrative wellness. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Miami, FL, AAG is a concierge-style medical practice that provides successful men and women cutting-edge treatment plans that deliver peak performance and improved quality of life. AAG Health has a network of over 11 vitality centers throughout the United States.

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