EXCLUSIVE: MDVIP Highlights Brand With Patient Testimonials … The “I ♥ my doctor.” Campaign

By Michael Tetreault, Editor

APRIL 15, 2014 – With the recent flutter of activity and questions around P&G’s sale of MDVIP, MDVIP’s brand appears to be stronger than ever in the eyes of its customers, particularly on National Doctors’ Day, March 30, 2014.

mdvip doctor day

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“We had an amazing response when we reached out to our patients on National Doctors’ Day,” says Nancy Udell, MDVIP, Director of Media Relations in a recent interview with Concierge Medicine Today (CMT). “We received over 6,000 testimonials.”

Some of those comments include:

“Partnering with him [Dr. Jeffrey Craig] through MDVIP was one of the best choices I’ve ever made to keeping my priority in healthy living,” said Gerry, a patient of Dr. Craig’s from Cincinnati, Ohio. “This is the future of excellent medicine and worth every penny! He can detect the slightest hint of any long-term concern, coaches me, celebrates my health achievements and he’s there whenever I need him without delay. Just in case something unexpected would to ever come up, I have complete piece of mind that he’ll be there every step of the way. With him as my personal quarterback I can live life at my healthiest without worry.”

“My wife and I have been patient’s with Dr. Reisinger since early 1980’s,” says Steve of Catonsville, Maryland. “We have continued to follow him through his new practice with MDVIP. He knows our medical history as well as knows us on a personal level. I have been hospitalized on multiple occasions and Dr. Reisinger has overseen all my care even when I was assigned to other specialist. His approach to preventative care is clear when we get our yearly physicals. We go over our results in much detail and arrive with a plan the following year to better our health. Having a doctor who is available at all times on call and to answer any questions we have is very comforting. Dr. Reisinger guides you and gives you the knowledge to live a healthier and better life style. Ultimately, we know that it is up to the individual to take his advise and apply it to your every day life. Thank you for your years of dedicated service. We are grateful to a doctor like you.”

“Survey results show that 97% of MDVIP members [patients of MDVIP affiliated practices] are highly satisfied with their relationship with their physician verses 58% in traditional healthcare system,” adds Udell. “Additionally, 95% of MDVIP members report that they can reach their physician whenever they need him/her verses only 60% in healthcare practices. One of our MDVIP-affiliated physician, Dr. Louis Malinow even did a two-day local and National Radio/TV Satellite Tour out of NY where he spoke about MDVIP, National Doctors’ Day, better outcomes with the model and nutrition/wellness topics.”

Commonly celebrated in healthcare, National Doctors’ Day is a day to recognize the impact of physicians and how they contribute to families, individuals and communities. These events are typically organized by healthcare organizations overseeing medical practices, staff and a handful of enthusiastic participants within a healthcare practice.

About National Doctors’ Day

National Doctors’ Day is held every year on March 30th in the United States. It is a day to celebrate the contribution of physicians who serve our country by caring for its’ citizens. The first Doctor’s Day observance was March 30, 1933 in Winder, Georgia.  Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, decided to set aside a day to honor physicians. This first observance included the mailing greeting cards and placing flowers on graves of deceased doctors. On March 30, 1958, a Resolution Commemorating Doctors’ Day was adopted by the United States House of Representatives. In 1990, legislation was introduced in the House and Senate to establish a national Doctor’s Day. Following overwhelming approval by the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, on October 30, 1990, President George Bush signed S.J. RES. #366 (which became Public Law 101-473) designating March 30th as “National Doctor’s Day.”

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