CMT PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Myra Ancelet Reed of PCB, FL … “What is the value of your health?”

Beyond Healthcare Reform lies personalized medicine.

Dr. Myra A. Reed, Board Certified in Internal Medicine with over 20 Years of Experience.

Dr. Myra A. Reed, Board Certified in Internal Medicine with over 20 Years of Experience.

APRIL 14, 2014 – Better care for patients is a personal goal Dr. Myra Reed has spent a lifetime perfecting. With many years of continued education and a deep compassion for her patients, she is known for spending a lot of time with her patients – a concept which, in essence, contradicts newly-imposed government health care rules.

Dr. Reed explains “We are now required to limit a patient’s treatment to three health problems per visit. If the patient has more than three health problems, the government is forcing us to schedule a new appointment and see the patient on another day. I don’t practice medicine that way. I like to address the whole person and many people have more than three health concerns. Not seeing the patient as a number but taking care of all the patient’s needs is what it’s all about.”

The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) is used by Congress to calculate physicians’ reimbursement under Medicare under the new Affordable Care Act. But the SGR is a volatile number and leaves many physicians guessing. Legislation also requires doctors to enter more patient information into a patient database. “We are compliant with the new regulations but a lot of additional work was needed to upgrade and enter patient information and data. All of that is making it difficult to focus on the individual patient’s visit.” Dr. Reed states.

Revered by her patients, Dr. Reed has been voted Bay County’s best physician for seven out of eleven years and was among the finalists in other years, but she has never rested on her laurels. She keeps a tight schedule of seminars, meetings and courses to stay on top of new medical achievements and treatments. “I am constantly going to top-of-the-line courses. Age management and bio-identical hormone treatments are just a few examples of making cutting edge research available to my patients” she states and adds “My patients can get anything from a head- to-toe dermatological exam, biopsies or cryosurgery if needed, a complete physical exam, EKGs, ultrasound vascular studies or mammograms. I am able to diagnose and treat patients in-house for anything from skin lesions to kidney stones. Among other in-office tests I can determine bone density and I can even provide my patients with in-home sleep study testing. I am a one-stop shop if you so want.”

Dr. Reed is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing in Bay County for 22 years. She first worked in the emergency department at Bay Medical Center and then at an urgent care facility in Panama City. Her three children were born during this time. In 2001 she opened her private practice. Three years later she bought her present location at 1814 Thomas Drive. Dr. Barbara Lubin and a nurse practitioner joined her team at the same time.

She is a single mother of three children, two in high school and one in college, and had to face personal hardships in recent years, as many local residents will recall. As a consequence of her former husband’s offenses, she had to handle multiple major and expensive legal battles while keeping up with work and business, raising three children on her own, managing and selling multiple properties, keeping up with Obamacare and a higher workload related to implementing electronic records and government regulations. All that did not diminish her work, her engagement in her practice and her striving for better solutions for her patients. She credits a strong family foundation, a Christian upbringing and a tight network of loving family and children, loyal friends and devoted staff members for helping her through the hard times. “My life was filleted open. My ex- husband put me through some very bad predicaments and still does. I am blessed with my family, my three unbelievable children and wonderful friends and staff members who have helped me through the adversity. I love this community and have seen a lot of support and even my patients and staff worried about me and cared for me.”

In 2014, after long research and weighing pros and cons and following unsatisfactory health care regulations, Dr. Reed has come to a new and life changing decision. “In March I will begin signing up patients for my ‘Concierge Practice’ and will focus a lot of work on providing preventative medicine as well as after hour care for these patients. Dr. Lubin, along with newly added Amanda Thompson, Physician Assistant (formerly of Seawind Medical Clinic) will continue to provide care to my regular patients.”

Dr. Reed’s quest for better health care for her patients led her to what she calls ‘Personalized Medicine’ which is better known as ‘Concierge Medicine’. Ft. Myers-based physician, Dr. Gary Price is her mentor as well as other established concierge physicians across the state and country. Dr. Price invented concierge medicine 15 years ago and today around 5,000 doctors follow his lead nationwide.

“I did my research and spoke with many concierge doctors and almost all of them are successful and would never go back to running a regular practice” she says. She has always been a strong advocate for what she calls personalized medicine. “I love what I do because it’s me, it’s my nature. I have passion for my patients and preventative medicine should be practiced more. I can work out individual plans to keep my patients healthy, not just deal with them when they are sick. Personalized and preventative medicine is the logical way of working, treating and educating my patients to better health.”

Dr. Reed is in the process of contacting all her patients and referring those who choose not to sign up for Concierge Medicine to Dr. Lubin or Amanda Thompson, PA-C. The medical weight loss treatments will continue at her practice for non-concierge and concierge patients.

As she explained the pros for her patients, her enthusiasm is evident. “My concierge patients will be signing up for immediate and preferred services. They will take advantage of my extensive experience and the good relations with specialists that I have established throughout the years. There will be no more waiting times. My patients will get a comprehensive check-up every year, personalized treatment and preventative medicine. They can reach me day and night via email or text to my cell phone.”

She details further pros. “I have patients who travel a lot and I usually provide them with their medical records on a thumb drive. They can contact me wherever there is cell phone or internet service while traveling. It gives them peace of mind to be in a foreign country but still have 24/7 access to the doctor who knows them personally.

“ A patient can expect the most advanced medical care “With my personalized medicine, I can offer comprehensive cardio vascular genetic testing. So many people have genetic pre-conditions – the test will show them exactly what their health risks are. Why wait for a heart attack to happen if you can do something to prevent it?”

The monthly fee for Dr. Reeds’ personalized medicine is $150. She points out “Many people spend more on coffee, hair styling, or their cell phone bill on a monthly basis.”

Just Released! On Sale Now $9.95

Just Released! On Sale Now $9.95

Despite all the enthusiasm, there remains one item that concerns her “I am very attached to my patients and it will be hard to tell them that I will be working exclusively for patients who will sign up for the personalized medicine. On the other hand I have a list of patients who have been asking me to work more exclusively with them.”

She concludes “It is my way of taking everything that I learned in my life, everything that I have educated myself in, everything I strived for and concentrate it on a number of patients who care about and value their health and where I can spend more time with the individual and have my personal engagement and passion valued.”

To find out more about Dr. Myra Reed or to schedule a free initial consultation for her concierge medical services, visit her website at or call (850) 249-5414.


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