TRENDING: Doctors shun health-care insurance — this one in Missouri

By Samantha Rinehart ~ Southeast Missourian

APRIL 22, 2014 – Dr. Mike Wulfers spoke at the regular meeting of the Cape County Tea Party on Tuesday night to talk about a unique method of health care — the concierge doctor.

Wulfers said he’s part of a “growing movement” in the country that strives to provide more personalized primary care. The concierge practice, or direct primary care as Wulfers called it, provides medical services to a limited number of patients who pay a monthly fee. These practices do not accept commercial insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

The idea is to provide more efficient care at a lower cost, he explained. His practice in Cape Girardeau is called Independent MD, and Wulfers said it lives up to the name.

“We work for the patient — that’s where the ‘direct primary care’ comes from. We don’t work for the government, we don’t work for the insurance company and we don’t work for the hospitals,” he said. ” … We truly are independent.”



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