MONEY: How Concierge Care Saves You Money …

By Members.MD, Omaha, NE
Joel Bessmer, MD, FACP of Omaha, Nebraska's own, Members.MD

Joel Bessmer, MD, FACP of Omaha, Nebraska’s own, Members.MD

For a nominal annual fee, you become a member in your concierge physician’s private practice.  By capping the number of patients he accepts, your Members.MD physician ensures there is always ample time to care for and follow up with every single member of his practice.

Members.MD physicians have the time to dedicate their full attention to each patient’s unique health situation. As a result, they can educate and empower patients. This allows  both you and your doctor to be fully engaged in your health and healthcare decisions.

As a member, you receive a personalized health risk assessment, your doctor’s full attention on preventive medicine that’s specific to your needs, and ongoing support to help you live a healthy lifestyle. The Members.MD physician’s goal is to help you prevent medical conditions from developing into chronic or life-threating conditions.

Your membership fee not only provides you with piece of mind, but also the potential for enormous health savings over the long-term. When you consider the cost-savings of avoiding hospitalization or other preventable medical procedures like surgery, the membership fee becomes an even greater investment.

Not only does your membership provide you with 24/7 access to your physician, your doctor has time to help you review and reduce your risk factors as often as necessary.  For instance, studies show that with the right care and healthy lifestyle habits, most cardiovascular disease is preventable, or can at least be delayed resulting in less chronic morbidity and fewer events, less disability, and lower costs.1
That’s what your membership fee is all about—your doctor focusing on what keeps you healthy.

Consider the average cost of these preventable medical expenses and how much you save by avoiding just one incident:

$1,900 – One emergency room visit2

$3,949 – One day of hospitalization

$35,000 – Heart valve surgery

$60,000 – Coronary bypass surgery

Additionally, just a one-percent reduction in your weight, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol risk factors can save you $83 to $103 annually in medical costs.6

In the first year alone, patients of the Members.MD Kricsfeld Clinic in Council Bluffs saw, on average, a 4.4 percent improvement in these four areas, which amounts to approximately $400 in long-term cost-savings per member. To illustrate, let’s say you reduced your risks by that 4.4 percent, but also made one weekend phone call to your physician that saved you from having to make an unnecessary ER visit. In this scenario, your cost-savings jump to more than $2,300.7

The U.S. healthcare system faces a doctor shortage, a patient access crisis and uncontrolled skyrocketing costs.8
Arguably, the Affordable Care Act only compounds these problems, and will fundamentally change the traditional doctor-patient relationship.9

But that’s not a problem at Members.MD. You will always have the time you need with your doctor.  As a Members.MD concierge member, you can be sure you’ve made the best investment for your health.

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