EVENTS: ‘AAFP Gets in the DPC Game … ‘

By Sheri Porter

May 06, 2014 08:45 pm – Kansas City, Mo. – So, what’s the AAFP’s take on the DPC model?

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In 2013, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) issued its first-ever DPC policy statement. And currently, the Academy is scheduling a series of regional workshops aimed at giving family physicians all the information they need to know before they make decisions about transitioning to the DPC model of care. Interested physicians should mark their calendars for

  • November 2014 in Phoenix,
  • January 2015 in Wilmington, Del., and
  • February 2015 in Atlanta.

More information about these events will be available soon.

Forrest noted that the invitation he received to speak at the AAFP’s 2014 ALF — an invitation that included two additional sessions on Saturday morning — illustrated that direct primary care is a hot topic.

“I’m here today, so the AAFP at least thinks this is worth talking about,” said Forrest. “This is good for family docs. You need to go back and tell doctors in your state that there is hope,” he added.


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