Dallas, TX: ‘How can concierge medicine improve the colon cancer screening experience for patients?’

Physician Spotlight Q&A: Talking Concierge Medicine With Dr. Anthony Lyssy and Dr. James Pinckney

branding concierge medicine bookJUNE 3, 2014 – Be Seen, Get Screened’s Physician Spotlight Q&A series highlights the work of health care professionals on the front line in the fight against colon cancer. In our latest Q&A, we talked to Dallas physicians Dr. Anthony Lyssy and Dr. James Pinckney.

Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James (as he prefers to be called) are board-certified family practice physicians who provide direct health care through their concierge medicine practice, Diamond Luxury Healthcare in Dallas.

They give us an insight into their experience with patients, colon cancer screening and membership-based medicine in the Q&A below. Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James asked that we print their responses as coming from both of them together.

BSGS: Tell us a bit about your professional experience, specifically in regard to colon cancer and colon cancer screening.

Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James: As board certified family practice physicians, we have a strong desire to be on the front line. Our goal is to prevent chronic disease and detect serious issues as early as possible ultimately improving quality of life.

One of the biggest challenges in the treatment of devastating diseases such as colon cancer is early detection. Proper screening allows doctors to implement treatment protocols before cancer spreads, increasing patient’s chances of survival dramatically.

Too often, patients delay or avoid screening for colon cancer because of the perception that this testing is intrusive, uncomfortable, and downright frightening. Those that discover the disease in later stages are placed in a very difficult situation that affects not only themselves but their loved ones.

The physical and emotional stress caused by late stage cancer can be avoided by compliance with cancer screening tools.

BSGS: How can concierge medicine improve the colon cancer screening experience for patients?

Dr.James__Dr.LyssyDr. Lyssy and Dr. James: Diamond clients receive 24-hour access to their physician. Unlimited access grants clients the ability to stay in constant communication with their physician via e-mail, text, and phone calls.

Barriers between patients and physicians created by traditional medicine are eliminated allowing questions to be answered effectively.

Early warning signs are detected more efficiently when the physician spends more time with each patient and asks more detailed questions.

Another benefit of concierge or direct medicine is our extremely personalized approach. Diamond clients report an exponentially greater level of trust and belief in their physician, which translates into better patient compliance.

Our clients understand that we truly care about their well being, and in turn they follow our recommendations, especially for colon cancer screening.

BSGS: What unique challenges and opportunities does the rise of concierge medicine create in the cancer prevention world?

Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James: There are virtually zero challenges to practicing effective cancer prevention in the concierge medicine world.

A wonderful benefit of concierge medicine is the ability to spend an hour with each client instead of the national average, 8 minutes.

We focus on prevention and wellness by truly educating our clients. Clients feel empowered to seize control of their health when they understand the mechanisms of preventable disease and cancer.

Concierge medicine provides a platform to present new and cost effective methods of cancer detection, than implement the most efficient screening tools providing better medical care at a better price.

Once cancer has been detected, our extensive Diamond Network allows our clients to be seen by a specialist with 24 hours instead of waiting for weeks.


BSGS: What do you say to patients who are hesitant to get screened for colon cancer?

Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James: We understand that undergoing a colonoscopy is not an idea many people embrace readily. Although colonoscopy is the gold standard in colon cancer detection and treatment, there are other less intrusive ways to perform colon cancer screening that provides exceptional data.

These options are certainly better than no screening at all and we consistently present evidence based data to all of our clients.

By gently recommending and constantly reminding, clients eventually realize for themselves the importance of colon cancer screening.

BSGS: Besides screening, what do you recommend to patients to improve colon health?

ENTER PROMO CODE AND SAVE $25 off your registration.Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James: At Diamond, we recommend consumption of high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables and 100% whole grains to improve colon health. A probiotic can aide in digestion, colon health, and general immunity.

We also recommend reducing processed foods and simple sugars such as high fructose corn syrup to optimize your health.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for medications and reverse the detrimental effects on the body caused by our traditional American diet. Lifestyle modification is essential in order to accomplish your colon health or overall health goals.

Watching what you put in your body and being more active than you are now will ALWAYS be beneficial! Live well and enjoy life!

BSGS: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Dr. Lyssy and Dr. James: Although Diamond is currently based in Dallas, TX, we will be expanding across the state and nation in the near future!  Reach out to us and let us know if you would like Diamond care in your city!

You can email the office at or call us at 214.395.3491 for more information.


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