Mobile Patient Engagement for Concierge Healthcare

By Pamela Swingley Founder and CEO, Mobile PRM

Amplify your Success

branding direct primary care bookJULY 1, 2014 — If your path through the shifting world of healthcare includes concierge medicine, private pay, or direct care; mobile technologies can amplify your success.

Through mobile patient engagement you are better able to attract, engage, care and retain your patients.

Stand Out From Competitors

Private pay practices in booming metropolitan areas like the Silicon Valley, New York or Seattle have had little trouble in attracting early adopter patients. An attractive office, access via a private cell number, house calls and same day appointments provide enough value to justify generous fees.

For the first concierge offices to open in a new market, word of mouth and transitioning existing relationships, has been sufficient to build a thriving practice.

However, as competition increases, and concierge care expands to less affluent areas, differentiating your services will be necessary. Concierge provider’s marketing strategies will have to go beyond the private cell number.

Attract and Retain Patients

Transforming patient relationships through mobile engagement is a cost-effective way to add additional value, and build 24×7 relationships.

Smartphone apps that help patients manage their health, or coordinate the care of someone they love, can be key selling points in attracting and retaining patients.

Plus they have the added bonus of enhancing your services without adding staff.

Mobile solutions that include recurring medication and event reminders are a good place to start.

These daily connections continually reinforce your value. Studies show patients appreciate reminders to take their medications, as well as mobile guidance to stay on track with their wellness goals.

Look for a flexible solution that supports any type of chronic disease or goal.

Each of your patients will have an unique wellness plan. For some patients it may be weight management through exercise tracking and smart scale weight recordings. For others it could be reminders to record pain levels, along with tracking medication compliance and daily meditation.

Beyond reminders, providing your members with mobile access to their wellness plan, medication schedule, and health record makes it easier for them to manage their health anytime, anywhere.

Take Your Care to the Next Level

A smartphone app bridges the gap between appointments as it continually records patient reported data. Apps built on a platform that aggregates patient data can flag exceptions.

For example, a dip in medication compliance combined with patient reports of higher pain levels. Exception alerts give providers the opportunity to proactively contact patients and ward off an adverse event.

Mobile health solutions improve patient care during office visits as well.

In volume-based medical office, patient reported data, while important to care quality, is not encouraged. More data means more patient questions, and longer appointments. This adds stress to a day that is already over scheduled.

It’s an entirely different story for private pay models built around thirty to sixty minute appointments.

Patient reported data viewed in trend graphs and compared across metrics provides insight into what happens between office visits. This analysis opens the door to productive conversations that lead to optimized wellness programs and medication schedules.

Mobile Health: Your Partner in Success

In concierge care, patient-centric mobile solutions amplify the provider’s success by helping to attract, engage and retain members. Most importantly, they support holistic care that improves member’s lives.

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