Meet Dr. Marina Gafanovich, A 2014 Top Doc in Concierge Medicine & Cash-Only Healthcare

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Meet Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD of New York, NY.

Congratulations to the following physician named to Concierge Medicine Today’s 2014 list of ‘Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine.’


The minute you meet your doctor, you will begin to understand why so many people are excited about coming here. Dr. Gafanovich is a respected and educated physician in the NYC area, and she is available to see you as a patient.

Marina Gafanovich, MD
Specialty: General/Primary Care/Internist
1550 York Avenue
New York, NY 10028
TEL: 212.249.6218

Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD has been consistently named one of the leading NYC primary care doctors by a number of consumer review agencies. One glance at her patients’ reviews and testimonials, and you will see that she is one of the most frequetly reviewed concierge practitioners in New York City. She is affiliated with New York Presbyterian – one of the leading hospitals in the nation. Dr. Gafanovich has devoted her practice to providing expert care with a personalized approach.

Whether you need a simple procedure or a routine physical, don’t put your health on hold because you are wrestling with appointment schedulers and jumping through insurance hoops. Concierge medicine is flexible and reliable, and allows you to get back to business quicker. If you are tired of wasting your time in waiting rooms and on the phone, give Dr. Gafanovich a call. See how soon concierge care can fit you in, and decide for yourself.

top docs concierge medicine 2014_4“We are proud of the physicians named to this year’s ‘Top Doctors in Concierge Medicine’ list,” said Catherine Sykes, Publisher of Concierge Medicine Today and its sister publication, The Direct Primary Care Journal. “The listed physicians, are singular representatives of a modern era of healthcare delivery that is representative of old-fashioned values. These physicians and their staff, in our opinion, provide some of the most innovative approaches, ideas, educational treatments and therapies available to patients today. Together, with their healthcare teams, they are bringing patient-care and affordable access to their communities in a new level of excellence.”

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