OHIO: Dr. Bisbee Speaks At Stowe Rotary — Educates, Informs.

Dr. David Bisbee at Stowe Rotary

Dr. David Bisbee at Stowe Rotary

AUG 7, 2014 – Dr. David Bisbee spoke about his “concierge medicine,” or, as he likes to call it, “personalized medical care.”

Concierge medicine began in 1999 in Seattle, where two doctors were working with Seattle Supersonics basketball players who wanted personal and prompt medical care. The concept has grown nationally, with a number of variations.

Bisbee said the concept took him back to his early days as a family doctor, providing personal care, spending enough time with each patient, and being available directly to each patient — even going on house calls if necessary.

It is typical for a family-care doctor in a medical group to handle 2,000 patients yearly, with 30 to 40 visits per day, leaving little time for personalized care. A typical concierge practice handles 300 to 400 patients yearly, with eight to 10 daily visits.

Stowe Rotary Club meets every Thursday night at the Town & Country Resort.


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