MD² Announces a Medical Office in Los Angeles — granting their 50 families access to unprecedented levels of care on both coasts.

MD² Announces a Medical Office in Los Angeles — Opening the Door to an Extraordinary New Level of Care

Founders of concierge medicine select Beverly Hills, CA for their newest medical office, granting their 50 families access to unprecedented levels of care on both coasts.

AUG 8, 2014MD², the most exclusive medical practice in the country, will open their newest office in Beverly Hills, CA in November 2014. Accurately credited for pioneering the concept of concierge medicine, MD² has locations across the country and is built on the philosophy that you have the total devotion and full availability of your physician.

“Indeed, there is a kind of magic that occurs when one is able to have in their life a seasoned and devoted physician who promises to focus, almost exclusively, on the health and well-being of your family. Frankly, it is a level of care only known in years long past and only to a rare few,” said MD² Founder and physician Dr. Howard Maron.

Every MD² medical office is made up of two physicians, caring for only 50 families each – allowing them to offer unprecedented levels of personalized care in a private setting. Each physician is highly distinguished in their medical communities, has long-standing ties to the major medical arenas (in the case of Los Angeles, UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Hospital), and is able to facilitate care for their patients. In addition, MD² offices are designed and built specifically to accommodate the lifestyle needs of their families.

The best-selling book in "concierge medicine" ... Concierge medicine has always had somewhat of a "brand/identity" problem in the media, amongst patients and in the widely discussed health care debate. But in general, the term concierge medicine is used to describe a modern-day relationship with a doctor in which the patient pays an affordable fee for access and cost effective care with their primary care of family physician. ON SALE NOW ... $9.95“In reality, it is our health that is our most precious asset. And it is on matters of health that people are exposed and most deeply vulnerable. I can remind you of the value of house calls, the ability to have our physicians at your side to accompany you to complex consultations, the wonderful atmosphere of our very private office and its staff, or your ability to dial your doctor directly whenever you feel necessary. But in the final analysis MD² is much more than that,” said Maron. “It is truly medicine in the ideal.”

Today, MD² has offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Portland, Seattle and Bellevue, and will open in Beverly Hills this November.

About MD²

MD² International, LLC was founded in Seattle in 1996 and is the preeminent provider of concierge medicine. With a collection of primary care offices located in well-travelled cities with major medical institutions, MD² offers medicine tailored to fit the lifestyles of our highly mobile, affluent families. Each MD² medical office is comprised of two highly regarded internists who care for just 50 families each. For more information, visit

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