Los Angeles residents are increasingly seeking medical attention by concierge physicians who are available to visit them in their own home 24 hours a day.

LOS ANGELES Aug. 11 2014 /PRNewswire/ — It looks like medical trends are following the same pattern as fashion trends- what was once old is new again. In short concierge physician care is back! What used to be a privilege for those born in the 18th century is now a benefit that’s being taken advantage of by many Los Angeles residents. Dr. Michael Farzam is a 24 hour on call doctor and the founder of House Call Doctor Los Angeles. He discovered that although people may have the means to travel to a doctor’s office their demanding lifestyles or physical condition has made it very difficult for them to get there.

No matter what field they’re in the average Los Angeles businessman resident or actor finds it more time consuming than normal to visit the doctor than those in many other cities. First there is the 30 to 60 minute drive on the 405 or other congested freeway. Second there is a 30-plus minute interval they have to sit in the waiting room and additional time before they are actually seen and treated by the doctor. The board-certified Dr. Michael Farzam eliminates this problem by visiting patients in the comfort of their own homes offices or hotel rooms. That is why he is known as a house doctor as well as a hotel physician. For those that are on vacation or a business trip in Los Angeles they won’t have to venture out into an unfamiliar city to find various health clinics.

The acclaimed internist comes prepared to diagnose and treat a variety of acute chronic and common illnesses — including infections stomach problems allergies and rashes strep throat minor burns back and neck pain prescription refills and many more conditions. He can also perform all of the diagnostic services you would expect in a fully equipped medical office such as mobile x-ray blood drawn for lab and blood tests injectables and ultrasound diagnostic imaging.

Are you thinking “This sounds great but how much does it cost?” For those who have insurance some companies will reimburse a portion of the visit or apply the amount to a patient’s deductible if it had not been met yet. For those without insurance the cost is noticeably lower than a visit to urgent care emergency room or private clinic. The time and money you save from not leaving your home is priceless.

There are many reasons why Los Angeles residents are seeking House Call Doctor LA. Some do not have medical insurance and enjoy the savings accompanied with Dr. Farzam’s services. Others do not have the time or capability of getting themselves to an office. No matter what your reasons are House Call Doctor LA will make your visit to the doctor much simpler! For further information on how to take advantage of house call medicine from Dr. Farzam and his outstanding medical team please call 310-849-7991 or visit

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