INDUSTRY: HealthFirst Delivery System, Inc. (HDSI) sets a standard in accrediting its partner health providers …

PHOTO: Liza Alincastre, The Trion Tower unit owner, says,  “I like the fact that we can now have our checkups at home. It makes it more convenient.”

Medical checkups at home with RLC’s Ring Rob Concierge, Manilla

MANILA, Philippines (The Philippine Star) August 19, 2014 – Ring Rob Concierge partnered with HealthFirst Delivery Systems Inc., a subsidiary of the Unilab Group, to introduce Medical House Call, a non-urgent medical service at the  home of the resident, making healthcare so much more convenient.

The contract signing between Ring Rob Concierge, FPD Global Integrated Services Inc. (Ring Rob Concierge’s business center administrator) and Health First Delivery Systems Inc. was held recently at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria.

The Medical House Call service can easily be accessed via Ring Rob Concierge so residents of Robinsons Residences developments can arrange for a physician to visit them in their own home, instead of going to the hospital or doctor’s clinics.

“Clinics and hospitals are very good culture media for what you call ‘hospital or clinic acquired infections,’” says Dr. Manolito V. Ferreol, MD, business development and operations consultant at HealthFirst Delivery Systems Inc. “It cannot be helped because of the high number of people coming in who have varying ailments.”

With Ring Rob’s convenient Medical House Call service, Robinsons Residences residents can focus more on taking care of themselves and their families and are encouraged to have their check-ups more regularly. “All you have to do is call, you won’t get tired anymore. You’ll be able to avoid traffic and save up on gas. And it’s more comfortable since the checkup will be at your home” says Joanna Mendoza, a resident of One Gateway Place in Pioneer, Mandaluyong.

Ring Rob Concierge recently conducted a flu and pneumonia vaccination event exclusive to the residents of Robinsons Residences encouraging the residents to be protected from the diseases before the start of the flu season in the country, without them having to go through the hassles of going to hospitals or clinics.

“Flu, is a viral infection, it affects all age groups across both sexes,” explains Dr. Ferreol, MD. “We recommend yearly vaccination because of the mutation – or what we call adaptation – of the virus where it mutates several serotypes. Re-vaccination will protect you against new strains of the virus.”

”We only go to the hospital when our children have vaccines or booster shots due,” admits Katherine Dar, resident at Gateway Garden Heights in Mandaluyong. “It’s good that Ring Rob offers events like these.”

HealthFirst Delivery System, Inc. (HDSI) sets a standard in accrediting its partner health providers (i.e., hospitals, clinics and doctors). HDSI management has a wealth of experience in health research and studies. Options are made available for the residents to pay with cash or via credit card to Ring Rob Medical House Call staff.

Residents of Robinsons Residences may avail of vaccinations, as well as other non-urgent medical care through the Medical House Call service. These services include primary (general practitioner, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine) or specialist doctor’s consultation depending of residents’ specific needs. In addition, laboratory tests (urinalysis, blood tests, lipid profile) and other medical procedures (electrocardiogram, removal of sutures, changing of IV, bladder flushing) can also be conducted. Senior citizen discounts of 20 percent discount are applicable.

“Ring Rob Concierge exists to address the needs of the Robinsons Residences resident for a hassle-free lifestyle. With its extensive list of services, Ring Rob Concierge offers them the ultimate convenience,” says Mybelle V. Aragon-GoBio, senior vice president, Robinsons Residences

Since its launch in January 2013, Ring Rob Concierge has serviced at least 7,000 requests to over 2,500 satisfied residents. Ring Rob Concierge is the country’s first and only digital concierge made exclusive to residents of Robinsons Residences.


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