TRENDS: New pediatric membership model provides 24/7 access to the doctor

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September 2, 2014 – BOCA RATON, FL – All across the country, we’re seeing more and more “concierge” based medical offices pop up in mostly larger cities, providing a fee-based membership program for healthcare. These new practices, often called “direct care,” “concierge,” or “boutique” medicine, severely limit the number of patients in the practicing, and offer exclusive benefits like house calls, no wait times, and longer appointments.

While concierge medicine is becoming a widespread phenomenon in adult medicine, it’s rare to find this type of care for pediatrics. Chad Rudnick, M.D., has recently launched Boca VIPediatrics, the first membership-based model for pediatric care in the area, offering house calls, 24/7 access to the pediatrician by phone, text, email, and even facetime.

“Unfortunately, kids don’t always get sick Monday through Friday from 9-5,” says Dr. Rudnick. “Because of the nature of the practice, parents can text me pictures or videos of rashes or coughs, and often times, I can make a diagnosis on the spot to start a treatment plan faster.” Rudnick continues, “The reason you typically don’t see pediatricbased concierge practices is because of the different style of care needed in pediatric medicine. Children need to visit the doctor more often, receive vaccines, etc., and very few pediatricians have found a membershipbased model that works for this type of care.”

With a patient base “a fourth the size” of a traditional pediatric practice, the annual membership fee for Dr. Rudnick’s practice, Boca VIPediatrics, is all-inclusive of all sick & well visits, vaccines, and 24/7 access to reach the doctor whenever you need him.

Dr. Rudnick, formerly of Miami Children’s Hospital, set out to open a pediatric practice akin to a personalized, mid-century doctor, a style in which he describes as “old-fashioned service, combined with modern medicine.”

Newborn visits are always conducted as his patient’s home, so a post-partum mommy never has to worry about taking her newborn out of the house. When the office closes for the day, patients have his personal cell phone number to call, text, or email in case of an after-hours illness.

But is concierge medicine only for the rich and famous? Studies suggest direct primary care are growing at a rapid pace, and can often help to save money. “The statistic is that one in five children ends up in the E.R. every year. If I can help to save an E.R. visit by making myself available to my patients after-hours, the annual membership fee has paid for itself,” explains Rudnick.

With annual membership fees based on the child’s age, Dr. Rudnick compares the costs to “a Starbucks latte per day, or a monthly cell phone or cable bill.”

Boca VIPediatrics is located at 5458 Town Center Road, Boca Raton, FL 33486.


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