Which Health Insurance Plan Is Right For You?

By Clark Howard,

OCTOBER 4, 2014 – Open enrollment is almost here. I want to share new info about the best and worst health insurance plans.

The November 2014 issue of Consumer Reports has rated plans in all 50 states and some clear winners emerge based on a national standard of quality.

A look at the best health insurance plans

In states that have Kaiser Permanente, they came up with the highest overall score. Those states include California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon and Washington state.

The ratings are based on continuity of care and outcomes. Kaiser Permanente has both its detractors and its fans. When you are their customer, you go to their facilities and all their services are provided by their doctors. You pay your premium and your out-of-pocket for care is near zero.

The highest rated plans overall in country were available in Massachusetts at Tufts University and Harvard University, each of which has its own plans.

Obamacare / Affordable Care Act Guide

When you’re picking a plan, you need to know that the quality varies dramatically within a state. Some plans are mediocre. The best plans do good follow through and good disease management.

If you have the choice, picking from one of best plan providers is really smart. To help you do that, I suggest you check out the latest issue of Consumer Reports. I know it can be expensive to buy a single issue, so why not go to library and review the plans for free?

Need help understanding the health care exchange system and the Affordable Care Act? See my guide for a complete explanation without the political spin!

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