TECHNOLOGY: GeneSolve Announces New A.I. Software Licensing Agreement For Doctors — For doctors, the new direction eases their entry into a hybrid concierge model.

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — GeneSolve announced today that it will begin licensing its proprietary health optimization system to a network of highly qualified doctors nationwide. With this change, patients can now have some of the costs of this customized preventative care reimbursed through many insurance programs.

Having proved the efficacy of GeneSolve’s system by successfully attracting and treating hundreds of patients through GeneSolve staff doctors over the past year, the company will be now be able to meet increased demand by installing their proprietary A.I. Software directly in doctor’s offices across the country.

The software–called Arthur in homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle­–will allow GeneSolve affiliate doctors to provide GeneSolve’s unmatched level of precision health care to their patients in a personalized way.

This individualized approach helps patients as well doctors. Patients with balanced body chemistry benefit from improved energy, mental acuity, and weight loss. Doctors improve the care that they can offer their patients and strengthen the operational efficiency and profitability of their practice.

This new direction for GeneSolve carries two major benefits to patients: First, GeneSolve’s cash-pay model can now be partially covered by many insurance programs, making it more affordable. Second, an expanded network of doctors will make the service more accessible.

For doctors, the new direction eases their entry into a hybrid concierge model and expands their ability to utilize a more complete analytical picture of a patient’s health. They can now incorporate DNA information, an extensive list of biomarkers, and an algorithm-driven patient history.


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Doctors who previously were forced by time constraints to maintain a narrow focus on their patients’ problems can now process the larger picture of a patient’s health, including disease prevention and health optimization.

Doctors are now lining up to add GeneSolve to their practices. Dr. Marland Chancellor of Palo Alto, California, was one of the first to incorporate the GeneSolve system into his existing primary care practice.  “It’s a phenomenal toolkit,” he said. “No doctor on his or her own would be able to process this much data about each patient so quickly and precisely. GeneSolve makes it possible and improves patient outcomes more quickly and holistically than I have been able to achieve without the technology. I can already see it in my patients, and so can their families, friends, and co-workers. I’ve been looking for a system like this for a long time.”

Noted Chicago-based Cardiologist Dr. Joel Okner agreed, signing on to be GeneSolve’s first doctor in the Mid-West. “GeneSolve provides a way of actually making people better instead of just treating disease,” Dr. Okner said. “GeneSolve allows me as a doctor to maximize the health potential of my patients. It’s really the next step in the evolution of how we treat patients. GeneSolve really got this right.”

GeneSolve’s Medical Director and Co-Founder, Dr. Richard Lee, has a 30-year medical history in health optimization. This includes his long history with artificial intelligence systems in health care. “I’ve been developing and using artificial intelligence software systems, or ‘Expert Systems’, since the early 1980’s when I did an observational study of the Oncocin System at Stanford. It was the first A.I. system of it’s kind, which was designed to help doctors determine the best treatment options for lymphoma,” said Dr. Lee. “Until now, expert systems in medicine were focused on treating exotic and expensive diseases. GeneSolve’s health optimization system is the first to be developed specifically for individualized disease prevention as well as the promotion and development of optimized health. What’s more, we’re now able to include actionable genomic data into the diagnosis and treatment. That wasn’t possible even just a few years ago. Now we’re able to not only incorporate this data but also keep the system updated with the newest research.”

CEO and Founder Jon Orban created GeneSolve as a direct result of a near-death experience when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. Through his recovery, he discovered a large gap between what science already knew and what doctors were equipped to provide.  “GeneSolve brings doctors a phenomenally powerful set of tools to help them make better decisions,” said Orban. “GeneSolve can never replace the doctor, but it can make them more accurate across a much wider spectrum of treatment options and they can do it in a way that’s not one-size-fits-all.  Now that we can license the entire system to doctors, I’m more confident than ever that we can make a massive difference in the way health care is approached and delivered in this country.”

About GeneSolve
Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012, GeneSolve is the world’s first Body Chemistry Company, providing personalized care via quantifiable biometrics and actionable DNA markers to deliver optimal health. GeneSolve’s evidence-based scientific treatments improve a patient’s quality of life by increases in energy and mental acuity, as well as sustained weight loss. GeneSolve’s A.I. system was created through a collaboration of Stanford physicians, utilizing their decades of experience and the latest in clinical research. It is backed by a growing list of doctors who provide GeneSolve through their practices, and their satisfied GeneSolve patients. The system analyzes extensive DNA, biomarker, and history data for each patient, and then accurately calculates the precise mix of therapies and specific doses needed by each patient, which are custom-compounded and delivered to the patient. To learn more about GeneSolve or to find a GeneSolve doctor in your area, visit

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