SPOTLIGHT: MDVIP Foundation 501(c)(3), raises public awareness of health, wellness and the value of prevention through charitable initiatives that will assist those most in need.

“The mission of the MDVIP Foundation is to raise public awareness of health, wellness and the value of prevention through charitable initiatives that will assist those most in need.”

mdvip foundationThe MDVIP Foundation is bringing the nation together to make better lifestyle choices. Our focus on prevention and education is inspiring communities – big and small – to think healthy, live healthy and be healthy. (Tel. 1-877-803-5305 FOR MORE INFORMATION, or To Donate, Visit

The MDVIP Foundation’s commitment to healthy living begins with three objectives.

Help cure childhood obesity

Approximately 17% of children in the United States are obese.*

The New York Times reported that for the first time in America, children may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This does not have to be the case. Obesity is preventable, and it starts with educating our youth on the importance of adopting healthy eating and exercise habits sooner rather than later. This program goes beyond education; it provides school cafeterias in underserved areas with healthy lunch options. Read more about the Salad Bars to Schools program and how you can help contribute to a healthy lunch menu at a school in your local area.

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Organize medical treatment to areas affected by natural disasters and crisis situations

Medical treatment and supplies are essential after a crisis.

The MDVIP Foundation has created a network of doctors and healthcare professionals who will be mobilized to immediately respond in and around their local areas in the event of a disaster. Learn more about our nationwide Doctors in Response program that will provide those most in need with the medical care, supplies and resources necessary to rebuild their communities and their lives.

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Increase the number of future primary care physicians in our country

Only 2% of medical students recently polled indicated an interest in practicing primary care.**

Our primary care mentorship program will re-energize a much-needed medical profession. Find out how you can help the medical students of today become the most passionate primary care doctors of tomorrow.

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To carry out our mission, the MDVIP Foundation currently supports three causes.
Salad Bars to Schools Project

The MDVIP Foundation is raising funds to install salad bars in underserved public schools nationwide. By sponsoring the national Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools program founded in partnership with Whole Foods Market, Inc., we will be able to provide nutritious and well-balanced meal options for students who participate in school lunch programs. The program will also offer continuing education opportunities for children and their families on the vital role nutrition and exercise play in helping them enjoy long, healthy and active lives. Los Angeles Times reported that “sitting is the new smoking,” citing a study that estimated smokers shorten their lives by 11 minutes per cigarette and that every hour of TV people watch, presumably while sitting, cuts about 22 minutes from their life span. Not only are we educating our youth on these important facts, we are also taking action to make a change in the way Americans think and eat.

Doctors in Response

This program supports a coalition of physicians willing to provide medical aid to Americans in need. The MDVIP Foundation will organize and offer financial assistance to a network of volunteer physicians ready to deploy when a crisis hits their local area. First responders are critical in saving lives as well as providing ongoing support to the most devastated areas of the country.

Future Primary Care Physicians

Studies show that the majority of U.S. medical students shift their focus from primary care to other specialties before graduation. The MDVIP Foundation provides a mentorship program for the next generation of primary care physicians to refuel their passion for medicine and inspire them to remain in a profession that is critical to helping people be as healthy as possible.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has assembled an array of science-based, family-friendly educational materials to help fight childhood obesity. This information is made available through the We Can!® Program. To promote the goal of healthy weight in children and assist parents and caregivers in taking a proactive, preventive approach to nutrition, the MDVIP Foundation provides access to these materials including tip sheets on topics like reducing screen time, menu planners and BMI calculators for children.

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MDVIP Foundation, Inc.
The MDVIP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations made to the MDVIP Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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