6 Tips for iPhone Medical Practice Photography

Chances are, you own an iPhone. If you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, or even then iPhone 5 — you can record digital video to document or photograph your practice from the inside out. A lot of physicians take simple and professional photographs with their iPhone of their practice, I.e. Lobby, waiting area, outside signage, etc. We’ve put together 5 tips to help you take better iPhone photos and videos with your Apple smartphone.

Tip # 1: Use the Widescreen Feature

In ‘camcorder mode,’ you won’t automatically “see” the full version of what’s actually being recorded, which means you could be including things in the frame that you don’t want on tape. In order to make sure what you see is what’s being recorded, you need to double tap the screen (whether the iPhone is recording or not) to get the proper widescreen view to see more of the image.

Tip # 2: Steady Your iPhone to ensure you capture ‘Great’ photos

Lock your elbows close to your body. Hold the iPhone with both hands about 8-16 inches from your face. Making sure the camera doesn’t move is key to a good photo and helps avoid blur. Take the photo with your thumb – this is key! It is also recommended that you purchase a bumper case for your phone to help you get a firm grip. Your typical iPhone, with no cover, can be very slippery.

Tip #3: the ‘Rule of Thirds’

Basic instruction in any introductory photography class is the ‘Rule of Thirds.’ Meaning, your iPhone can capture a great photograph and how well the photo is composed is up to you. One common photo-composition tip is called the Rule of Thirds. In the Rule of Thirds, you imagine lines that divide your photo into thirds, either horizontally and vertically. The four “power points” are at the intersections of the lines. Put the subject in your scene at or near a power point of the photo.

Tip # 4: ZOOM not by ‘zooming in’ on the iPhone but instead, ‘Zoom with your legs’

iPhone’s lose image quality even with a small amount of zooming and can become grainy and pixelated. If you want to take something close up actually walk up to it, get close and click.

Tip # 5: Pin It! directly from your iPhone!

Pinterest has had an incredible year. In February 2012, it was found to have attracted 10 million unique viewers faster than any other standalone site in history; in May 2012, it became the third most popular social networking site, trumped only by Facebook and Twitter. The first and most obvious step to getting on Pinterest is to make a dedicated brand page for your business. Before creating a page, though, you’ll have to create an account. You’ll be asked to authorize the setup using either your Facebook or Twitter account. Because Pinterest doesn’t currently support Facebook brand page linking, you’ll want to authenticate the account using your brand’s Twitter page. Once you’ve created a Pinterest account, you’ll want to customize your page with branding specific to your business. For instance, under the Settings menu, you can add a brief description of your business, as well as its location and website. You should also upload an image to your page that’s relevant to your company. You may consider using the same profile image as the one you use on Facebook or Twitter to ensure continuity across the social networks. Above all, we highly suggest turning off the “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” setting. This will help ensure that users can search for your Pinterest page using such search engines as Google and Bing. (Source:

Tip # 6: Upload your practice pics to your Facebook Business Page directly from your iPhone!

On your iphone Facebook application, go to photos, then click upload, or there might be a plus sign (+) so you can add photos. Select the photo you want to upload and voila! You’re picture is shared with the world or your medical practice friends Page.

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