SPECIALDOCS: Physicians at the Front Lines Increasingly Suffer from Burnout, According to New Reports

By Specialdocs Consultants, Inc.

Subscribe-to-our-NewsletterOctober 24, 2014 – An article in the October 22 Chicago Tribune highlights a phenomenon physicians know all too well—burnout, a long-term reaction to stress that includes emotional exhaustion, a sense of depersonalization and a lack of a sense of personal accomplishment.  Particularly prevalent among primary care physicians, who then leave medicine, the burnout factor may worsen the current doctor shortage at the very point when many more are needed to care for aging Baby Boomers and new patients insured through the Affordable Care Act.

According to research compiled by a number of professional organizations, the problem results from challenges within the healthcare system that diminish autonomy, make it difficult to establish relationships with patients, require excessive documentation, a sense of isolation…all the factors that prompted our Special Docs physicians to make the change to concierge medicine.

While transitioning to the concierge model was not mentioned—and we believe should have been— other solutions cited in the article include work-life balance workshops and wellness programs for physicians and students at Stanford, and a teamwork approach to primary care at Harvard’s Center for Primary Care.

Source: Specialdocs Consultants, Inc.

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  1. Reblogged this on Dr. Stu Rosan and Adult ADD and commented:
    Totally agree. In My journey past couple of years, I have been treated more as a number than a physician. It is very hard to stay in medicine when recruiters, new owners, new managers and administrators have very little health care experience and savvy; don’t want to entertain recommendations from doctors who already have gone thru the wars many times and who have learned from our mistakes.
    The question I have to these people is,” Do you want us to treat you, when you become a patient, the way you treat us or do want u to treat you as caring , reasonable doctors?

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