MD² Expands, Granting Access to Two New World-Class Medical Institutions

Founders of concierge medicine offer their families direct access to UCLA and Cedars Sinai

November 07, 2014 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

BELLEVUE, Wash. — (BUSINESS WIRE)–MD² International, the definitive provider of concierge medicine, opened their newest primary care office in Beverly Hills, California on November 1st, with two highly sought after UCLA and Cedars-Sinai affiliated physicians, Drs. Michael Brousseau and Dennis Evangelatos. By caring for 50 select families each, choosing only the most distinguished physicians, and maintaining close working relationships with the most renowned medical institutions, MD² offers the most exclusive medical care in the country.

“This can only be accomplished by limiting the practice to so few.”

Each MD² internist cares for just 50 families each. This ratio gives them the unprecedented luxury of time to proactively focus on each patient. “Our doctors have the ability to practice medicine in an ideal environment, developing close personal relationships and collaborating with the network of MD² specialists,” said MD² Founder Dr. Howard Maron. “It’s a tremendous gift for them to care for their patients as they would their own family,” said Maron. “This can only be accomplished by limiting the practice to so few.”

MD² physicians are highly distinguished in their communities. In every medical community there are those rare physicians, who after many years in practice, have been singled out to be in a class of their own. These doctors often take care of some of the most discriminating and high-profile people in their community. These are the physicians who join MD².

Today, MD² has offices in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Menlo Park, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Seattle and Bellevue. In these well-travelled cities, MD² internists are all closely affiliated with the most renowned medical institutions and specialists in the country, allowing them to facilitate care and access for their patients in unprecedented ways.

“As MD² continues to grow, I remind myself how fortunate we are to have interesting and distinguished patients,” said MD² Founder Dr. Howard Maron. “I cherish these relationships deeply.”

About MD²

MD² International, LLC was founded in Seattle in 1996 and is the preeminent provider of concierge medicine. With a collection of primary care offices located in well-travelled cities with major medical institutions, MD² offers medicine tailored to fit the lifestyles of our highly mobile, affluent families. Each MD² medical office is comprised of two highly regarded internists who care for just 50 families each. For more information visit

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