BUSINESS: CareTrader Bringing Transparency to Healthcare Marketplace

caretrader-logoATLANTA, October 1, 2014 – As healthcare reform moves forward and the megatrend of healthcare consumerism continues to gain traction, CareTrader, a company changing the way healthcare providers, employers and patients value healthcare, successfully launched its web platform today.

Based in Atlanta, CareTrader is the provider-driven Transparency Marketplace in healthcare, linking providers and patients with the goal of improving the value of healthcare services through direct-to-consumer messaging, and healthcare decision support.

“Provider-driven transparency around quality, price and efficiency within a competitive market for services offers the best opportunity of reversing the value drain in healthcare”, said CareTrader Co-founder Dr. Don Beringer, a practicing orthopedic surgeon. He and Stebin Horne founded the company with the vision of leveraging free market forces to drive greater value in healthcare for consumers and providers.  Beringer added, “Physicians and other healthcare providers generally want to inform their patients and the community on the quality and price of their services but have historically allowed other stakeholders to do that for them.  Now, with the growing patient financial responsibility with high deductible healthcare, providers are taking the message on the value of their services directly to patients.  CareTrader has created the tools for these providers to connect with engaged patients shopping for healthcare.”

An online, membership-driven platform, CareTrader, the Healthcare Transparency Marketplace, allows patients to become consumers, searching for different providers and shopping for their healthcare needs. Patients shop for healthcare services much like they would for other high value retail purchases.

“Our goal is to alleviate the stress and empower patients with important information and knowledge to make better healthcare decisions,” said Horne, who in addition to being a co-founder is the chief development officer. “CareTrader’s web-based platform and best-in-class support center allow consumers to comparison shop, simplifying the healthcare decision-making process.”

About CareTrader: CareTrader™ was founded in 2014 to become the first Transparency Marketplace in healthcare. Don Beringer and Stebin Horne founded CareTrader with the vision of leveraging free market forces to drive greater value in healthcare for consumers and providers. For more information, visit

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Stebin Horne

Chief Development Officer

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