MDVIP Named as a Top 10 Executive Health Program by Worth Magazine

Subscribe-to-our-NewsletterBoca Raton, Fla.— (November 11, 2014) — MDVIP, the leader in personalized healthcare with a nationwide network of over 750 primary care physicians, has been named one of the country’s 10 top providers of executive health programs according to Worth magazine. The financial and lifestyle publication ranked MDVIP among other prestigious programs including Cleveland Clinic, Duke Executive Health, Johns Hopkins Executive & Preventive Health and Mayo Clinic Executive Health.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Worth for the quality of the MDVIP program and proud of the exceptional primary care physicians around the country who are delivering executive level care to all of their patients 365 days of the year,” said Bret Jorgensen, Chairman and CEO of MDVIP. “In what is sometimes viewed as a fragmented healthcare delivery system, one of the many advantages of the MDVIP program is the continuity of care that starts with the wellness exam and continues with that same doctor-patient relationship.”

Patients partner with an MDVIP-affiliated physician who is their “personal” doctor locally who offers a higher emphasis on preventive care than in traditional practices that are more reactive in nature. The MDVIP Annual Wellness Exam includes an extensive risk factor assessment and multiple screenings to evaluate nutrition and fitness, emotional well-being, sexual function and sleep. Diagnostic studies are performed to evaluate risk for peripheral vascular disease, respiratory health, hearing and vision. Customized lab panels assess risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, bone health, thyroid function and other diseases.

Based upon the results of the comprehensive evaluations, lab results and diagnostics, a customized wellness plan is created to not only address risk, but to also proactively identify and meet each patient’s particular health goals. The physician partners with the patient throughout the year to monitor progress and adapt the program as necessary.

MDVIP-affiliated physicians also offer same or next-day, extended and unhurried appointments, 24/7 availability by phone and doctor-patient email communications and enhanced coordination of specialist referrals and treatment. As proof of the quality of care and better outcomes, MDVIP has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, which include lower hospitalization and readmission rates and show that MDVIP-affiliated physicians are more effectively managing chronic conditions, performing more recommended preventive care services than national health plans’ averages and identifying more patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.

“Patients across the country are choosing MDVIP doctors not only for their executive health needs, but also for their acute and chronic medical conditions. Having a doctor who truly knows them and is there for them takes the stress out of healthcare,” said Mr. Jorgensen.

About MDVIP, Inc.
MDVIP, Inc. is the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare. With prevention at the center of its program, MDVIP has proven that its carefully chosen affiliated physicians provide exceptional care and achieve exceptional outcomes. Published results include lower hospitalization rates which yield significant cost savings to patients, employers and the healthcare system. MDVIP-affiliated physicians limit their practices to no more than 600 patients in order to provide a customized wellness and preventive care program. There are currently over 750 MDVIP-affiliated physicians in the network throughout the country. MDVIP, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information, visit


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