MEDTECH: 2014’s Health Care Disappointments Drive 2015’s Trends

By Jenni Whalen, MedTech Boston’s Managing Editor

JANUARY 13, 2015 – It’s been quite a year in the medtech and healthcare spaces. We’ve seen the medical world fall in love (and maybe out of love) with Google Glass and other wearables. EHRs have continually failed our system, causing frustration and efforts toward improved interoperability. Data concerns spurred conversations about privacy and patient-controlled care. Collaborations between academic medical centers and start-ups (think the Brigham and Women’s Innovation Hub, or MGH’s Healthcare Transformation Lab) are becoming more common. Ebola taught us that while we may know a lot, we don’t know it all. The list goes on and on.

As we move into the clear air of 2015, we decided to check in with our expert network of physicians, innovators and entrepreneurs. What were the biggest disappointments of 2014? What trends should we watch for in 2015? As the people on the ground-floor of this rapidly transforming industry, these 8 experts have answers…



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