EVENTS: Connecticut State Med. Society — Myths & Realities: Retainer-Based Medicine/Direct Primary Care February 11 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Myths & Realities: Retainer-Based Medicine/Direct Primary Care

February 11 @ 6:00 pm9:00 pm

upcoming eventsCSMS and N1 Health will host a program for physicians on the retainer-based medicine movement. Patients in retainer-based practices pay a membership fee (monthly or annually) for greater access and more comprehensive care.

The program will address trends in retainer-based practice models, as well as risk mitigation and successful conversion to retainer-based practice.

Part One:

  • What is retainer-based medicine/Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
  • Is retainer-based medicine for you?
  • How to design your future practice
  • Review of consumer research: What do consumers value in primary care clinics?
  • The benefits of converting a practice – for patients, physicians and staff – including risk mitigation benefits, such as lowering med-mal liability exposure
  • Identifying and addressing cultural obstacles
  • Designing, pricing and packaging your service proposition and pricing
  • Striving for operating excellence and efficiency with systems
  • Telling the story of your practice to your community

Part Two:

  • Converting your practice to a retainer-based or DPC model
  • Build your project plan and timetable
  • Assessing your staff in the context of your new practice vision
  • Assessing yourself and your resolve to move forward
  • Developing your messaging and communication plan
  • Common pitfalls in converting practices
  • The post-conversion effort; tips for sustaining and building your practice beyond conversion
  • Deciding whether to enlist the help of a conversion company or a consultant


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