MISSOURI: ‘Bolivar Medical Center has introduced a new type of [concierge medicine] service, one that has been tested elsewhere in the country with successful results.’

Bolivar has new medical concierge service

By Bon Tindle | Posted: Monday, January 26, 2015 1:06 pm

Concierge medicine, or otherwise known as direct pay medicine, is a business model that lets families pay their local physician a flat fee that covers all office visits, preventative and general wellness visits, and follow up care.

This type of plan is beneficial to patients and doctors alike. By streamlining the process, providers are able to reclaim the doctor patient relationship. This increases satisfaction for both groups.

Research shows a growing discord with physicians entering the field of family medicine. This frustration largely stems from an inability to run a private practices that allow them to work on their terms and have greater control over the care of their patients. Many patients feel herded and intimidated by the system, and yearn for the days of going to their family doctor.

For some, those days may be back. Under the plan, adults are all charged the same rate, $50 per month, regardless of age. This is a big win for seniors who are often charged inflated rates due to their age. For the cost of an evening out, insurance plans can be supplemented and patients can see their doctor any time they like, without fear of copays straining their budget.

NEW RESOURCE to help guide you through the decision-making and buying process of selecting your next concierge doctor.

NEW RESOURCE to help guide you through the decision-making and buying process of selecting your next concierge doctor.

The plan gives up to 70 percent discounts on services that they do not offer, by negotiating with independent providers.

As insurance plans change, this lets small families, singles and seniors all make sure that they have access for the most common needs and preventative care. Those who suffer from chronic illness have a way to manage medical costs. A larger plan that covers hospitalization and out of pocket caps creates a robust solution that shields from both ends of the spectrum.

“Family medicine doesn’t have to be confusing,” says Ryan Pinkston, the director of corporate development. “People have been taught that it has to be an ordeal but it doesn’t. For a reasonable price you can have unlimited access to your doctor.”

People with questions are encouraged to call (417) 221-6447 to see if this solution would work well for them. The website also offers information for employers who are interested in offering this as a supplement to health care benefits at


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