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Medical Malpractice carriers offer a large [i.e. 55%] discount on malpractice coverage for physicians practicing Concierge Medicine.

Medical Malpractice Coverage for the personalized service of Concierge Medicine.

The American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP) has teamed up with HealthCare Risk Specialists and Applied Medico-Legal Solutions (AMS RRG) to offer a large discount on malpractice coverage for physicians practicing Concierge Medicine. The potential savings with this program could be up to 55% for those who qualify. AMS RRG, the third largest physician Risk Retention Group in the U.S., has taken an in-depth look into the practice of Concierge Medicine and has determined that members of AAPP have far less liability than a typical family practice/internal medicine physician.

MALPRACTICE/LIABILITY: CAP Offers Up To 45% Discount to Concierge/DPC Physicians (California)

HealthCare Risk Specialists provides association with value-added professional liability program saving its members up to 55% on their medical malpractice premiums.

As a result, AMS is able to offer a substantial credit in order to keep your medical malpractice insurance premiums down. Concierge Medicine is a medical practice where the patient pays an annual fee to obtain “premium services and amenities” from a personal physician. The benefit of such a relationship is that patients receive better and more immediate access to (and more undivided attention from) their doctor. If you are considering a move into Concierge Medicine, check out AAPP at AAPP provides physicians with the tools to use to make the transition to a direct practice easier and more effective. Plus, you’ll receive additional savings on your medical malpractice insurance by being a AAPP member.

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