SPECIAL REPORT: UHF, overview of Convenient Care, nationally … examines the distribution of these providers in New York State.

By Author/Editor: Ji Eun Chang, Suzanne C. Brundage, Gregory C. Burke, and Dave A. Chokshi

02.05.2015 Urgent care centers and retail clinics—collectively known as “convenient care”—are a major market-driven development in ambulatory care, presenting both potential benefits and risks for the health care system. This Fund report presents an overview of convenient care nationally, and examines the distribution of these providers in New York State and their potential impact on two special populations—the medically underserved and children. It also offers five policy options the State could consider to establish consumer and public health protections, and considers the relationship of convenient care to broader health care restructuring.


Copyright: 2015
Published: 02.05.2015

DOWNLOAD REPORT: ConvenientCare, Retail Clinics and Urgent Care Centers in New York State, 2015


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