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TRENDING, POLICY: MedLion CEO to Address Idaho Senate on Promising New Healthcare Model.

Healthcare Pioneer Dr. Samir Qamar Asked to Present Direct Primary Care to State

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 12, 2015 – Healthcare pioneer and technologist, Dr. Samir Qamar, has been asked to present Direct Primary Care, a new healthcare model, to the State of Idaho. Dr. Qamar is founder and CEO of the nation’s largest Direct Primary Care provider, MedLion.

Direct Primary Care, or “DPC” for short, is a new medical model that allows patients and employers to contract directly with primary care physicians at lower rates, leaving insurance for more expensive, catastrophic events as in other insurance industries. The result is a more patient-centric practice, with enhanced access, decreased healthcare costs, and less burdened physicians. The model is being quickly adopted by unions, companies of all sizes, and individual families. Versions also include pilots with Medicaid and Medicare. DPC is typically confused with its higher-priced cousin, “concierge medicine,” a different model.

Idaho Sen. Steven Thayn is hosting the events at the State Capitol Building in Boise on January 14 and 15. “I am excited to have Dr. Qamar come to Idaho and share his knowledge about Direct Primary Care which has the potential to improve access and quality while reducing costs. Direct Primary Care is still a new concept for many in Idaho. I feel Dr. Qamar’s visit will raise awareness of this important issue and help the legislature craft policy to benefit all the citizens of Idaho.”

The Idaho Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee has advanced legislation that seeks to codify in state statute the ability for doctors and patients to do business with each other directly without an insurance company functioning as a third party between the two. Several other states, including Washington, Utah, Louisiana, and Michigan, have already introduced DPC legislation. DPC is also included in the federal Affordable Care Act.

MedLion, with DPC practices set up to accept patients in 22 states, including Idaho, has experienced extreme growth in its provider base over the past 12 months, and has big plans for states where segments of the population lack access to primary care. According to Dr. Qamar, MedLion is readying itself for enormous growth given recent opportunities and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Qamar explains his views on primary care. “Lack of investment in quality primary care programs results in greater costs downstream, as health conditions aren’t controlled or addressed early. DPC practices are designed to provide high-impact preventive and primary care up front, with aggressive management of chronic conditions. Our goal shouldn’t be limited to effectively managing heart attacks — we need to prevent them from happening in the first place.”

Dr. Qamar is no stranger to innovation in healthcare. In addition to pioneering Direct Primary Care, he also heads a tech startup where he invented the MedWand, a groundbreaking device that allows patients to remotely be examined by providers over secure Internet lines. MedWand has been listed as one of the top healthcare tech startups for its potential to change the entire telemedicine industry.

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Privately-held MedLion Management, Inc. offers consumers, employers, trade associations, and unions cost-effective, high-quality benefits strategies that are compliant with new healthcare laws. Medical services are provided by MedLion-managed Direct Primary Care practices across the United States, with an emphasis on improving health outcomes and the patient experience.

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