Three Must-Have EHR Features for Membership Medicine

By Pri-Med’s InLight EHR, CMT Contributor


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MARCH 4, 2015 – Electronic Health Record (EHR) software can help drive the growth of Membership Medicine, but only if it’s designed to make this new style of practice easy to adopt and allow a small staff (usually one doctor and one nurse) to operate efficiently.  Below are three must-have EHR features for Membership Medicine practices:

1) Membership Management – Membership Medicine practices charge patients based on an agreed upon monthly or annual fee. Most practices have plans set up by age group, tier, or a combination. An EHR with an integrated Membership Management toolset helps providers manage patient enrollment in plans, payments, and overall practice revenue.

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2) Patient engagement tools – Membership Medicine work best when the patient is involved in their own health care plan. Patients often have 24/7 access to their health care provider, so utilizing technology to take control of their health is key. Patient engagement tools such as web portals, secure messaging, video chats, texting, etc., are essential. Having these tools built into an EHR allows the provider to care for as many patients as possible in the most efficient way.

3) Intuitive clinical documentation – Like all clinicians, Membership Management providers care deeply about the quality of their records, especially the ability to document conditions over time.  However, there is conflicting need for the EHR interface and process to be easy to use so it does not distract from face-to-face care. An intuitive EHR solution is key for enhancing clinician-to-patient interaction, which is top priority for Membership Medicine practices.

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There are only a handful of EHR vendors that cater to Membership Medicine. Because of the lack of solutions that meet all of these needs, there is increased demand for a singular user experience from Membership Medicine EHRs.

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