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Landmark focuses on ‘Your health, your choice’

At Landmark Collaborative Health, maintaining your wellness is a team effort.

 Pictured L to R: Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan; Dr. Ingemaud Gerber and Jesse Stein, president. PHOTO BY: Wil Andruschak / For the Calgary Herald

Pictured L to R: Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan; Dr. Ingemaud Gerber and Jesse Stein, president. PHOTO BY: Wil Andruschak / For the Calgary Herald

By The Calgary Herald

MARCH 10, 2015 – Since 2011, the mandate at Landmark has been to provide proactive and preventative care through a team-based, collaborative approach, says president Jesse Stein.

“Our main focus is on the physician being the ‘case manager’ and our team of health professionals facilitating the recommendations,” Stein says. “Our focus is well-rounded care for each patient.

“Our motto is, ‘Your health, your choice.’ Our programs are developed around the fact every patient is unique and has different health-care needs.”

Services offered at Landmark run the gamut from different levels of yearly personal health-care programs to one-on-one and couples personal training.

Landmark Collaborative Health is Calgary’s most modern and comprehensive multi-disciplinary health clinic. Our services are performed through our private medical clinic or on an À La Carte Basis.

Being a private health service provider offers Landmark and its team the flexibility to create wellness and maintenance programs specifically suited to your needs.

And its facility, centrally located in the Cambrian Wellness Centre, just minutes from downtown off Bowness Road and 16th Avenue N.W., has been designed with client comfort in mind, with warm colours, an open-concept design and an atmosphere of executive care.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be an executive to benefit from what Landmark has to offer. Stein is quick to bust the stereotype that only high-earners can access private health care.

“Fifty per cent of our client base is medium household income,” says Stein.

“Typically, the difference between our facility and many of the others is we try to maximize clients’ employer benefits programs. Or, if the client is self-employed, we look at how to reduce their out-of-pocket (health) costs.”

In fact, many clients are able to access Landmark’s health-care packages for free through their employee benefit and health-spending account programs at work.

Landmark also offers “a la carte” pricing on many services, including massage therapy, dietitian, chiropractic, psychology services and personal training.

“We encourage our patients, if they’re looking at options, to come see our facility, do a consultation, and try out services on an a la carte basis,” says Stein.

“Most of the time, they move into a yearly package with us. It’s a stepping-stone for us, so to speak, to get to know each other and help us maintain the appropriate care for them. Our clients are typically surprised at how much they can reduce costs through effectively utilizing their employer benefits programs.”

Being a private facility with a smaller client base allows Landmark’s team to focus on proactive individual needs better than the typical family physician scenario where the sheer volume of patients forces many doctors to be more “reactive,” says Stein.

“When a patient comes on board, we take about 12 hours to do initial assessments, and then we meet with them to create treatment plans. We test for food sensitivity, cognitive testing, cardiovascular — these components can define the baseline for where the patient is.”

When clients purchase services at Landmark, Stein says they aren’t just paying for uninsured services offered by a doctor, “they’re also paying for a nurse, psychologist, chiropractor, etc.”

Calgary is a proactive and health-focused city, and this means Landmark has attracted a broad spectrum of patients.

“There are lots of baby boomers who want to improve their health and enhance their athletic abilities and, on the corporate side, employers want to maintain strong employees,” says Stein.

The collaboration standards set at Landmark extend beyond the office doors. Its location allows easy access to many nearby specialty services such as radiology and diagnostic testing, fertility treatments and spinal care.

Landmark Collaborative Health At a Glance:

310 2000 Veteran’s Pl. N.W. (Just off Bowness Road)

Phone: 587-779-2690, email:


Monday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Tuesday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Wide range of services accessed via yearly packages and some also on an ‘a la carte’ basis. Includes personalized doctor care and family medicine, psychology, dietary services, life coaching, physiotherapy, kinesiology services, massage therapy, naturopathic services and chiropractic services.

This story was produced by the Calgary Herald’s Special Projects department in collaboration with Landmark Collaborative Health to promote awareness of this topic for commercial purposes. The Herald’s editorial departments had no involvement in the creation of this content.


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