PATIENT EDU.: ‘Hire a Medical Billing Specialist as an Advocate.’

By Clark Howard, Author, Consumer Advocate

FEB 2015 – I’ve had a couple of surgeries in the past few years. Both were pretty painful, but not nearly as painful as the bills I received in the mail.

Not only were the bills outrageously expensive, but they were also impossible to understand. According to Money magazine, roughly 8 in 10 hospital bills have multiple errors. So almost always the bill will be wrong, and it won’t be in your favor.

Take back control of your medical bills

It’s hard to blame hospitals for the mistakes because they are so difficult to run. Should you just roll over and pay the bills? No way!

My advice is document everything that goes on in the hospital. Keep a log of what goes on and ask a friend or relative to write down every medication you are taking and every procedure you have. Then when the time comes to get the bill, ask for it to be itemized. You can then compare everything you have written down to everything on the list. It’s up to you to be on your toes in the hospital.

You can also hire claims assistance professionals or medical billing advocates who will look over your bill and vet it for errors. They’re available in more than half of all states in the country. Visit or to locate one near you and expect to pay between $30 and $50 per hour for their services. I strongly recommend that anyone who is uninsured and paying retail for expensive medical services go this route.


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