POLICY: Missouri HB 1222 — ‘The direct primary care services model has been demonstrated to successfully constrain costs, while improving quality of care.’

MARCH 17, 2015 –Direct primary care services agreement” , a contract between a physician and an 18 individual enrollee patient or such individual enrollee patient’ s legal representative in which the 19 physician agrees to provide the direct primary care services described in the agreement to the 20 individual enrollee patient for an agreed – upon fee and period of time. A direct primary care 21 services agreement is not insurance and entering into a direct primary care services agreement 22 is not the business of insurance … (CONTINUE READING FULL BILL Language; Missouri House Bill 1222 …)

SOURCE: http://www.house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills151/billpdf/intro/HB1222I.PDF

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