FLORIDA, Policy: Small Business Supports Direct Primary Health Care In Senate Committee Today. ~

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Small Business Supports Direct Primary Health Care In Senate Committee Today

April 7, 2015, Tallahassee – Statement from National Federation of Independent Business/Florida’s Legislative Director Tim Nungesser in support of SB7084, being heard today by the Senate Health Policy Committee:

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New! 2015 Edition now available — sale $8.95

Direct primary care is a disruptive innovation. It breaks the mold and cuts out the middleman, streamlining primary care delivery and connecting small business owners and their employees with cost-efficient primary health care.

“Small business owners consistently voice that the biggest challenge they face is providing cost-effective health insurance to their employees, and they routinely pay up to 18 percent more for health insurance products and services than large corporations. A direct primary care contract, when coupled with a major medical policy, satisfies the health insurance mandate of Obamacare, so we’re pleased to see this alternative out there for business owners.

“SB7084 has the potential to save small business owners thousands of dollars per month while ensuring more workers have access to quality primary care services. This is a good bill for small businesses, their employees, and their employee’s families.”


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