Calculator: The Doc Fix

Medicare Doc Fix

“It’s All Your Money” | APRIL 15, 2015 | Fox News

Cost: ($141,000,000,000)*

H.R. 2 is a bipartisan bill to scrap Medicare’s troubled physician payment formula. Absent a “doc fix” bill, under Medicare’s flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula, doctors who treat Medicare patients would face an abrupt 21% cut in reimbursement rates. Since it was enacted in 1997, 17 acts have overridden the SGR formula. This bill would permanently replace the Medicare SGR formula and also reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program for two years. CBO estimates that the bill will increase federal budget deficits by $141 billion over 11 years (FY 2015–2025).

*Congressional Budget Office

Your Taxpayer Share: is projecting the share of a program’s cost for one individual in each specified adjusted gross income category. The projections are based on many assumptions with respect to future income groups, future tax burdens, future federal revenues by source, and other details. The assumptions underlying these projections may be modified from time to time to reflect changed circumstances.

Note for Annual Income $250,000 and Above: The top income category, $250,000 or more, has no upper limit and includes extremely high-income individuals who raise the average share of program costs for most people in this category.



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