Highlights From Phoenix, AZ — AAPP 2015 Spring Conference

Physician Education | Events | 2015

“…focus on substance, not labels.” ~Eischen, Esq.
By Michael Tetreault, Editor

APRIL 23, 2015 – Highlights from the Phoenix Arizona 2015 AAPP Spring Conference include:

  • DPC Practices in at least 42 States
  • Median fee about $80 per month
  • More Patient Outcomes Data Is Needed
  • Changes may be needed to bring DPC to Medicaid outside managed care
  • Three (3) Prosecutions of Model(s) Have Occured — *Eischen, Esq.
  • ‘Our country is divided on healthcare affordability and who should pay for it. People take whatever their employer will give them or default back to price when choosing coverage on an exchange.  Physician need to be better teachers. They must be prepared for the difficult and challenging questions about insurance and cost.’ ~*Tetreault
  • Approximately 70-45% of audience DOES participate in Medicare. ‘For some practices, not participating in Medicare is a barrier to entry for some patients.’
  • ‘The heartbeat of modern-day free market healthcare delivery is strong for its age. At approximately 12,000 strong and growing … (i.e. the categories of Membership Medicine and Convenient Care Clinics) offer affordable healthcare to a growing, cost conscious, consumer population.’ ~Tetreault
  • ‘There is an assumption that people find that billing Medicare is expensive. When you find a good submission solution, 15% (up to 25%) is meaningful revenue to a practice.’ *~Legal/Compliance Panel
  • Concerns around private-pay clinics — which typically bundle physician access with uninsured services for a monthly, quarterly or annual membership fee — are soon going to be center stage fodder for ‘the queue-jumping patient’ in the coming years ahead.


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