Pine’s ConnectedHealth startup offers access to doctor, gym, health coach in concierge wellness

Monday, June 15, 2015, 10:06 p.m. — Pine-based ConnectedHealth LLC is aiming to help people improve their health by giving them all the professionals they need — a doctor, nutritionist, health coach, personal trainer and pharmacist — under one roof.

The privately held startup company opened its first wellness center this month, on Perry Highway, and it’s trying to build on an approach by health systems and insurers to better coordinate medical services between multiple practitioners, and prevent people from landing in the hospital.

But there’s one important difference. ConnectedHealth does not accept insurance. Members pay a minimum of $2,100 a year for access to a doctor who’s available around the clock. The doctor subscription, known as concierge medicine, includes a gym membership, a health coach and limited sessions with other providers, such as personal trainers, a nutritionist and pharmacist. Individual services also can be purchased on a monthly basis, such as $300 for three months of sessions with a nutritionist or $50 a month for the fitness center.

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