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In honor of JULY being the first ever “CONCIERGE MEDICINE AWARENESS MONTH” — We’re giving away FREE BOOKS !!! — Get yours today … “The Patient Guide To Concierge Medicine: 2015 Edition.”

free patient guideNational Concierge Medicine Awareness Month Begins in July, 2015


JULY 1, 2015 – National Concierge Medicine Awareness Month is held annually to celebrate the exceptional contribution of Concierge Medicine clinicians and professionals and to bring awareness to a growing industry. An educational and industry-wide national initiative started by Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the independent industry trade publication and news information resource, has declared July as Concierge Medical Care Awareness Month and welcomes communities surrounding these clinics to learn more about how Concierge Care and how it can benefit the lives and health of loved ones and family members.

  • Concierge Medicine Clinics (CMCs), physicians and practitioners are encouraged to host community events and staff activities during the week of July 20-24.
  • Download The Concierge Medicine Awareness Press Release Template — CMT Awareness 2015 press release

Looking for a way to celebrate? We’ve put together some ideas to help jump start your planning process:

Sponsor a local health fair:

Engage your community with fun games and interactive exhibition to provide them with tools and resources to understand, trust, and utilize your practice’s offerings. You may want to co-sponsor this event with a larger institution such as a hospital, health club, non-profit or community center.

docpreneur 2015MeetingHost Q&A sessions for your patients:

Open the floor and your door for your patients to address their health-related concerns and problems. This is a golden opportunity to build a stronger rapport with your patient and make them loyal to your services. You may chose to hold this event at your local church, a popular restaurant or community center.

Staff Volunteer Projects:

Service is a vital component to any Membership Medicine physician. Get your staff involved in efforts that can truly benefit your community.


14 Ways to Promote Your Concierge Medicine Practice

Marketing 101: Planning Begins Now! Here’s 4 ideas to get you started.

Host an event for children:

Participate in a library reading hour that emphasizes good health and hygiene or host a fitness activities at your local non-profit or community YMCA. For older children consider speaking at school career days to share the fun and diversity of working in a healthcare environment or participate as a sports booster and/or sponsor at your local middle-school or high school and conduct sports physicals and check-ups/health fairs.

encore career9Talk to your local media:

National Concierge Medicine Awareness month is a perfect time to talk to your local media about highlighting how Concierge Medicine is vital to the health and well-being of family members and loved ones. Don’t forget to use social media to get your message across as well.

FREE Resource: Be sure to download our New Media Toolkit full of helpful talking points, tips, reference guides, outreach materials, and more. Look for it in our Bookstore today.


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