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Google Glass poised to enter doctors offices as upgrade looms

Bloomberg, August 21, 2015

A few weeks ago, a New Zealand doctor donned Google Glass and beamed video of an aortic surgery to the U.S. offices of medical device maker Endologix Inc.

The test demonstrated the potential power of a technology that famously flopped with consumers but is quickly becoming a go-to gadget for the medical world. Google is expected to roll out a new version of Glass in the coming months, and medical device makers, hospitals and family doctors are eagerly anticipating improvements. These will probably include an adjustable eyepiece, longer-lasting battery and water-resistant properties, according to people familiar with the project.

Medical professionals see Glass — lightweight eyewear that lets wearers livestream events, take notes, surf the Web and more — as a way to save money and provide better care. Endologix plans to use Glass to train doctors to implant the stents and arterial grafting technology it sells.

“In the future, I could see every physician wearing the Glass for training,” said Keri Hawkins, Endologix’s global director of professional education. “It will change the way we train in healthcare.”

While Google doesn’t make much money from the relatively small business, Glass is another way to hook users on its features and services, which in turn lets the company scoop up data and sell more ads. Google declined to comment.



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