STARTUPS: Osteopathy Growing Specialty for Concierge Medicine, even in Jersey! ~CMT, Staff

By Concierge Medicine Today | The Concierge Medicine Research Collective | Editor, Michael Tetreault

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 – The Concierge Medicine specialty sector is growing … and why not, with over 60% of Concierge Medicine clinics operating across the U.S. polled saying they accept insurance and/or Medicare, it’s a great fit to provide patients with Osteopathic services inside a membership medicine program.

Looking at this trend a little deeper, we went to a place (New Jersey) where patient interest in Osteopathic services AND Concierge Medicine is growing. Here’s what we found in New Jersey alone:

  • 43+ Concierge Doctors in New Jersey in September 2015
    • Defined by: Annual retainer; accepts some insurance; may/may not participate in Medicare; billed annually.
    • Services Offered (although they do vary: SEE BELOW by COMPANY)
  • 1-3 DPC Doctors in New Jersey
    • Defined by: Monthly fee, no annual commitment; accepts NO insurance; does not participate in Medicare.

Other Important Data Points relating to New Jersey:

  • An estimated 16% of Concierge Physicians operating in New Jersey are licensed as D.O.s (Last Updated: September 2015; Concierge Medicine Today)
  • IN NEW JERSEY ONLY … Does the Concierge Medical Practice Accept and/or Bill Insurance?
    • Yes, accept Medicare and Most Insurance plans – 49%
    • My Practice Accepts only Medicare – 42%
    • Other (i.e. no insurance, cash only) – 9%

Examples: (Not all are D.O. clinics)

Source: The Concierge Medicine Research Collective, Sept. 2015 Analysis; Concierge Medicine Today

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