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TELEMEDICINE: MedWand Digital Health Named Launch! Finalist at Upcoming Health 2.0

Revolutionary Medical Device Gains Popularity in Silicon Valley and Beyond.

Nevada-based MedWand Solutions, Inc., which creates a novel medical device allowing patients to receive physical examinations over Internet and satellite links, was recently selected as one of the finalists for 2015 Health 2.0’s Launch! event taking place this October in Silicon Valley. The event has previously launched other recognizable digital health powerhouses such as Basis, Om*Signal, and Castlight Health.

Slightly larger than a computer mouse, in conjunction with a telemedicine visit, MedWand allows patients to be examined remotely by their providers. In real-time, a doctor can listen to heart and lungs, look into ear canals and nasal passages, perform vitals, and even obtain an EKG, whether a patient is one mile, or 1,000 miles away. Some of Silicon Valley’s finest tech companies are working with the MedWand team, which is being designed and manufactured in the United States. MedWand is expected to revolutionize the $30 billion telemedicine industry, which up to now, has largely been dependent on video chats with little to no direct examination capability.

MedWand creator, physician, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Samir Qamar, says the world is ready for MedWand’s debut at Health 2.0. “Health 2.0 is the perfect place to launch MedWand,” says Dr. Qamar. “Alongside other prestigious health technology companies who desire to improve healthcare everywhere, we are humbled and honored to be a finalist at Health 2.0 Launch! With MedWand’s ability to examine patients anywhere, I know we will make a crater-sized impact in the field of medicine.”

Robert Rose, MedWand’s CEO and CTO, agrees. “This is the most exciting project my engineers and I have ever worked on,” says Mr. Rose. “Not only are we creating a marvelous piece of technology, we will help accelerate the fast-growing telemedicine industry. This is the right time for MedWand to say hello to the world. Dr. Qamar will stand up on stage and examine a patient hundreds of miles away – it’s going to be amazing.”

Health 2.0 Co-Chairman Matthew Holt said, “MedWand is one of, if not the first tool enabling consumers to connect the last few inches of vital signs beyond voice and video to modern virtual visits. We’re excited to have them be part of Launch! and my hunch is they’ll do very well on stage and beyond.”

This isn’t MedWand’s first accolade. Earlier this year, MedWand was named by Frost & Sullivan as one of the top ten companies disrupting healthcare, and last week Becker Hospital Review called MedWand out as one of the top 25 healthcare disrupters. Later in the year, MedWand plans to demonstrate its technology in Europe and Israel as well.

MedWand officials say they have already been taking pre-orders from a variety of industries. Although the startup is intentionally self-funded with the help of a few angels, MedWand plans to impress institutional investors at Health 2.0 and beyond as operations ramp up.

MedWand hits the market in 2016.

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