MUMPER, MD (PartnerMD): Think Concierge Medicine Might Be Right For You? Take This Quiz

Posted by Jim Mumper, M.D. on Sep 9, 2015

cmt selft test 2015As concierge medicine grows in popularity, many people find themselves asking: “Is this approach to care right for me?”

If you’re considering concierge medicine, first consider the context of your current health care situation, like the relationship you have with your physician and the experiences you’ve had during past visits.

Just a Few Questions

To determine if concierge medicine might be right for you, consider the following questions or statements. Ask yourself if they apply to the kind of health care you receive today:

chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgCan I always get in to see my physician when I need to?
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgDoes my physician know (and remember) my first name?
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgWhen I have an appointment, I don’t have to wait more than five minutes.
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgCan I contact my physician’s office 24 hours a day and get a quick response?
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgMy physician doesn’t rush through my appointment.
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgAt my annual physical, does my physician take enough time for me to get a detailed picture of my health?
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgMy physician gives me access to fitness and nutrition resources to help me manage my lifestyle.
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgHas my physician taken the time to know me as a person, not just a list of symptoms?
chek_mark-380083-edited.jpgHas my physician helped me identify my health goals and does he/she actively help me achieve them?

A PartnerMD member can respond positively to every item. This demonstrates the stronger patient-physician relationship that is at the core of concierge medicine. A single negative response on this list could be all you need to start a deeper investigation into the difference a PartnerMD membership could make in your life.


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