NOMINATIONS Accepted: Who’s Who among the Industry Leading Women in the “Business” of Concierge Medicine.

By Concierge Medicine Today Staff

FALL 2015 – It’s time to give credit to the many successful, hard-working and professional women in the business of Concierge Medicine and healthcare delivery across our industry.

“One of the greatest things we discovered last year (December 2014) when compiling the 2015 list of Concierge Medicine’s Industry Leading Female Professionals in the Business of Concierge Medicine … was that they were stakeholders and often held vital C-Suite level leadership positions at nearly every one of our industry’s most successful organizations. This year, it is our hope to recognize some of the same professionals but acknowledge new ones as well.” ~Catherine Sykes, Publisher, Concierge Medicine Today

Doctors, Complete This SELF-TEST and receive your free CMT List of EIPs.According to a recent report by Biz2Credit, more women than men attend and graduate from college these days. Further, as they gain experience running their own companies, they have become better negotiators, marketers and CEOs. Women are running their businesses more efficiently than ever. The result is that they are looking to expand their companies at earlier stages of the business life cycle, as the survey data indicates.

“The brass ring in a career isn’t the number of zero’s on your paycheck, it’s when you become indispensable,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of Concierge Medicine Today. “The professionals recognized are an invaluable ensemble and serve at nearly every leading business or medical practice in this marketplace. Their contributions to this industry are seen and heard every day. The rapid advance of women in the business world and in healthcare is growing and female-run companies are setting a high standard of care, particularly in Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care.”

2015 Recipients … Read PART 1 of 2: 2015 Industry Leading Women In Concierge Medicine. – By Concierge Medicine Today

READ PART 2 of 2: 2015 Concierge Medicine Today’s (CMTs) Industry Leading Women In The Business of Healthcare.

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