BUSINESS NEWS: New York City Doctors Choose Concierge Choice Physicians for Concierge Care Medical Services.

Collaboration allows five additional physicians practicing at offices located throughout Manhattan to spend more time with patients for a closer doctor-patient relationship and gain significant financial advantages

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ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – November 3, 2015 – Concierge Choice Physicians (CCP), the nation’s leading full-service concierge medical service provider, today announced that five additional New York City-based physicians practicing medicine at offices located throughout Manhattan have enrolled in the company’s Hybrid Choice™ program – an enhanced service that allows for greater connectivity between doctor and patient. By enrolling in Hybrid Choice, these doctors can now offer their patients the choice of joining a concierge program — the latest, most personal trend in the healthcare industry — or continuing with a traditional model of care. A total of 26 doctors in Manhattan and Brooklyn now offer Hybrid Choice – making CCP the largest private provider of the full range of concierge programs available today in New York City.

In New York City, where the cost of operating any business creates steep challenges, CCP’s Hybrid Choice offers significant financial advantages to physicians. Doctors are able to maintain their traditional practice — seeing all of their patients and accepting insurance plans — while adding a new, private and stable revenue source. Hybrid Choice also lets doctors spend more time with current patients who choose to sign-up for the program, as well as offer exclusive after-hours and weekend availability via direct cell phone and email. In addition, the program allows participating doctors to advocate for patients with other specialists. Hybrid Choice is available for an annual membership fee, with pricing dependent on the program elements offered by each doctor.


Wayne Lipton, Managing Partner, CCP

“New York may be the city that never sleeps, but these highly respected and well established doctors who’ve chosen our Hybrid Choice program can now rest easy at night knowing that they can be part of a cost-efficient and financially viable group or solo practice – all while providing even more personalized care for their patients,” said Wayne Lipton, Managing Partner, CCP. “Having this approach to care in Manhattan, where office rents are skyrocketing and business-related expenses are continually on the rise, was once considered impossible for so many primary care doctors and specialists. With our Hybrid Choice program that’s not the case anymore.”

The five new doctors in offices located throughout New York City now collaborating with CCP are a diverse mix of primary care physicians and specialists who practice in cardiology, internal medicine, endocrinology, geriatrics and rheumatology:

  • Arthur J. Kennish, MD, Cardiology
  • Vincent M. Pedre, III, MD, Functional/Integrative Medicine, Internist
  • Edward Merker, MD, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
  • Leonard M. Mattes, MD, Cardiology, Internal Medicine
  • Gerald H. Leventhal, MD, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology


All of these doctors will have introduced Hybrid Choice to their patients by December 1, 2015; two have already filled their programs and have waiting lists.

“The concierge model allows me to practice medicine the way it should be practiced — by not keeping patients waiting, freeing up time to get to know them better, especially their emotional needs, and allowing my patients the time needed to reflect on their health and openly share any concerns,” said Dr. Merker. “The concierge model has been particularly helpful when treating my patients who have heart disease and diabetes, sorting out their medications, and identifying any adverse reactions. After only seven weeks of having Hybrid Choice in place, I truly believe I know my patients and their needs better than ever before.”

About Concierge Choice Physicians (CCP)

Dedicated to providing real options for patients and physicians, Concierge Choice Physicians™ is the largest private provider of the full range of concierge programs available today—Hybrid and FullFlex™. The company provides innovative, flexible and affordable models proven to work in medical practices of any size—from solo physicians to large medical practice corporations—both independent and affiliated with hospitals or health systems. Headquartered in Rockville Centre, NY, the company has worked with more than 300 physicians in 24 states. For more information, please visit


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