Form and Function: Setting the Tone for Concierge Care ~Dr. Susan Wilder

BY LifeScape Premier concierge medical practice in Scottsdale, AZ and Dr. Susan Wilder

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office feeling ill, tense about test results, or uneasy about the dreaded annual physical — only to be affronted by glaring fluorescent lights, a sharp-tongued, stressed out receptionist, canned Muzak and a laborious wait in uncomfortable Soviet-style seating devoid of upholstery and comfort?


The Anti-Aging Side of Concierge Medicine Boosts Patient Retention For The Modern Medical Home

That type of experience is in direct contrast to the model for concierge care we developed here at the LifeScape Premier concierge medical practice in Scottsdale, AZ. We designed our practice several years ago, from the ground up, to be patient-centric and to acknowledge all aspects of a patient’s health care experience.  Concierge medicine is not just about the financial model between patient, provider and insurance companies – it’s about people.  We put people first in everything we do, because our practice is about you, after all.

concierge medical doctor Scottsdale AZWhen designing our concierge experience, we endeavored from the onset to differentiate ourselves from the traditional family medical practice in ways ranging from services and offerings, to communications and technology to the physical design of our offices.   Putting the patient first to develop healthcare interactions that are positive and enriching, our priorities in designing our concierge medical offices included:

  • Create a soothing/healing environment for patients or every age and for staff
  • Emphasis on patient safety and infection control
  • Cleanable, green, natural, durable surfaces
  • Incorporate nature and natural light

The result amounted to a tranquil, relaxing, spa-like setting that inspires health and wellness.  We did not achieve this on our own. We employed the top minds in the industry of health care design, including former Disney Imagineers; masters of human factors design, as well as one of the leading industry luminaries, Jain Malkin, CID, AAHID, EDAC.

“We are so grateful to have a visionary like Jain helping us design our dream practice.

Malkin is revered as a visionary and trailblazer in her own right, with regard to designing health care spaces that are comfortable, efficient and safe for both patients and employees.  She has been on the list of the “Most Influential People in Healthcare Design” every year it’s been presented by Healthcare Design Magazine, and she’s written dozens of articles, several books and speaks regularly on the topic of health care design.  Jain spent years researching practical applications in health care environments and her combined acumen lead to the direct benefit and influence of our office design.


EDITOR of CMT: “You have to define what “exceptional” means …

Jain was encouraged to work with me by Len Berry, Business Professor at Texas A&M and world expert on service in industry,” recalls Dr. Susan Wilder, founder of the LifeScape Premier concierge medical practice.   “Jain had expertise in healing medical design and talked with me for 3 hours on the phone about our vision for a patient-centered spa-like environment to provide a haven for our patients and a healthy home for our staff.   She understood our vision perfectly and made it work financially. We are so grateful to have a visionary like Jain helping us design our dream practice.

Everything about our offices has purpose and was designed to meet our stated priorities. From the soothing, bamboo-hemmed waterfall in the lobby, to the organic,  curvilinear design of walls,  hallways and meeting spaces to the warm, natural light, comfortable seating, children’s’ interactive area, and free Wi-Fi and public computer kiosks in the lobby – the entire space is meaningfully-built to afford a level of comfort, safety and practicality for our practice.  We incorporated Sonora Quest Labs and a “holistic apothecary” on-site for the convenience of our patients and staff.  We offer the latest in laser, injectables and skin care treatments in a safe and comfortable environment.  Even the design of our stand-up doctors’ medical kiosks and downy-soft concierge robes are reminiscent of a visit to a rejuvenating spa, as opposed to a stolid day wasted at a traditional doctors’ office.

Concierge doctor family doctor ScottsdaleTo that end, LifeScape has been showcased in international medical design tours and made the cover of Medical Economics, recognizing our healing office design.  To learn more about LifeScape Premier’s concierge medial practice, or to schedule an appointment with a concierge care coordinator, please visit us in Scottsdale, AZ or contact us online.

SOURCE: Dr. Susan Wilder; LifeScape Premier contributed article

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