HSA Consulting Services Expands Its Capabilities and Expertise with the Addition of “Mr. HSA” Roy Ramthun and Paul Verberne

February 01, 2016 11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
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HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HSA Consulting Services, the nation’s premier consumer-directed health care consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Mr. Roy Ramthun, the firm’s founder, has rejoined the firm as its President. Paul Verberne, also an HSA industry pioneer, will also join as a Principal partner. Mr. Verberne brings a decade of experience in the HSA industry, including as counsel for HSA Bank and Director of Business Development and General Counsel for Tango Health.

“We are excited to re-enter the HSA business and look forward to helping both new and veteran businesses capitalize on the new wave of interest in Health Savings Accounts,” said Mr. Ramthun. Mr. Verberne added, “We are particularly excited about sharing our knowledge of the HSA rules through our “HSA Expert” certification program. Educated employees mean happier customers!”

The firm’s outgoing President, Todd Berkley, said, “I was honored to further the cause of HSAs based on Roy’s early work when I took over two years ago and am even more thrilled to welcome “Mr. HSA” and Paul directly back into the HSA industry.”

HSA Consulting Services will continue to provide clients with invaluable access to industry intelligence, legislative and regulatory activity and impact analysis, product idea and development support, optimization strategies for customer acquisition and growth, and identification of trends in the management and operation of consumer-directed healthcare.

The firm manages, America’s #1 educational resource for health savings accounts, and provides “HSA Expert” certification training to insurance brokers and financial advisors, in addition to sales, operations, and customer service personnel of HSA custodians and benefits administrators throughout the country. New “HSA Expert” online training classes will be held starting February 22. For large groups, please contact the firm directly to learn about on-site training options.

About HSA Consulting Services, LLC.

We provide consulting services focused on HSA growth. We are passionate advocates for HSA growth and education. We can:

  • Conduct “HSA Expert” Certification Training for individuals or groups.
  • Help companies engage employees in the HSA experience.
  • Assist current players to profitably grow their CDH businesses.
  • Advise CDH market entrants.
  • Provide support for HSA questions.

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